Jokes aside

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**3rd POV**

"Kirishima." Bakugou caught his attention. The redhead turned to his direction with a confused look.


"Did you seriously get enough sleep today?"

"Of course I did. I was more attentive then ever."

"You say that but, you couldn't catch me hiding in the trees when I ambushed you." Bakugou bragged with a smug grin.

"You even managed to capture everyone else, are you a monster? No, the devil?" Kirishima said teasingly.

"All right, shut your broom-looking-ass up. The Math problem you just 'solved' is wrong." Bakugou said pointing at Kirishimas mistake. He was hovering just above Kirishimas shoulder, his chin almost touching it. Kirishima tried his best to keep calm and focus on his work, it's not the only thing he was totally failing at.

"W-Well, this is the last one I had to solve! I didn't need your help on the others so, I must be improving." Kirishima was getting more and more quiet at this rate he might not even need to confess, his red face and awkward movements around Bakugou says it all.

"Yeah, your rock of a brain is improving somehow." Bakugou complimented? going back to his own work.

"Wow! thanks I guess?" It's pretty much a full on complement if it's Bakugou. Bakugou just hummed in agreement.

"Anyways, now that that's done you wanna play video games? You were right about Sero and Kaminari being good at it. Well, I'm really gonna get my ass beat and teased!" Kirishima laughed and scratched the back of his head nervously, he regretted everything in that moment.

'Shit, did I really just say that??? Never mind I'll just start playing.' He thought.

He started getting up and picked up the game on Bakugous shelf inserting it in his DSI. He was surprised on how quiet Bakugou was. He sat on Bakugous bed and waited for him. He looked over to where Bakugou was he could only see part of his face, he was sitting on the floor holding a crushed piece of paper which looked familiar to Kirishima.

Oh. shit.

He was frozen in that moment. How could he ever explain this now? A crushed paper that read the words Kirishima was aching to tell Bakugou and he wouldn't be able to say them himself now.

Bakugou crushed and exploded the paper in his hand, Kirishima jumped a little. Bakugou stood up and approached Kirishima. He was silent and just looked at the paper Bakugou was still holding.

"What the fuck is this?" He held out the ashes that was once the paper. Before Kirishima could reply, Bakugou held him by the collar of his shirt."Is this some sort of fucking joke?"

'It isn't' Kirishima thought

He swallowed, sweat coming down his head. He looked down at the floor, thinking about what to say. He closed his eyes

"I wanted to tell you for a long time!" Kirishima shouted a bit, he felt Bakugou let go of him. It's over.

"I'm sorry. I should've man up and tell you myself. Instead I just made it look like I was playing with your feelings.." He said while fidgeting his fingers, still looking down.

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