I Don't Wanna

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I don't wanna

Tonight was one of those nights beyonce didn't feel like she wanted to go to bed. The little decided to play with her dolls more until she heard the door open slowly. Hurriedly she pushed her dolls under her bed and got under the covers hiding her face. She shut her eyes right before opening one of them and seeing the door close back. Smiling, she went back to her world full of fantasies and things that couldn't possibly exist and jumped out of bed. She got her pink glasses from her stand and looked into the mirror. Her fluffy socks, pink and orange, made her feel special. She always liked pink... and orange. She was dressed in a night dress consisting of yellow and pink baby bottles on them. Her hair was in pigtails and the single bow that showed was light blue.

After she was done looking at herself, Beyoncé began to look at her binky and picked it up. She then crawled by her purple rug and sat on it picking up her teddy bear. Even though she didn't wanna go to sleep, sucking on her binky always did the trick. When she felt herself closing her eyes, she whined.

"No sleep," she tried to say. She spat her binky out with a huff and crawled over to the door and opened it. She took a peek before sneaking off into her daddy's room. She loved to be with her Daddy. She took care of her and loved her. She wanted to stay with her forever. With a little knock, the door opened to revel a half naked Onika. She smiled and picked up Beyoncé in an instant.

"Why aren't you asleep Honey?" Onika asked the little. She could sense that Bey wanted to sleep but was just being stubborn.

"I-I w-wanna sweep with you..." Bey stutters. Her fingers latch on to her shoulder as she was carried to the high bed. "I..."

"Shh, Bee," Onika interrupts. Beyoncé frowns and makes and attempt to retreat but is pulled back in by a frustrated Onika. "Baby, we have to go to sleep. Tomorrow I have something planned for you."

"Ooo, pwesent?" Bey scratches her head as she was laid down onto the bed. Her forehead was kissed and she was tucked in before Onika got in on the other side.

"Yes baby, a present." Bey smiles before closing her eyes. She's asleep before she can think about wrapping her arms around her daddy's waist.

* Morning  •

"Good morning," Onika said placing kisses all over her baby's face. Bee scrunched up her face before whining.

"Daddy... no I don't wanna get up." Her voice raspy said but also in a baby type tone. Her daddy smiled and pushed the covers off of her. The littles eyes popped open and she kicked before sitting up and crossing her arms. "No dada! I-I don't wanna. No! No! No!" Onika was used to these types of tantrums her little threw and picked her up. Bey whined the whole way to the bathroom. She was sat on the toilet and handed a tooth brush. Her tooth brush was lined with toothpaste before her daddy spoke in a light demanding way.


The little girl looked at her daddy and shook her head. "Me no wanna..."

"Brush Beyoncé... you don't wanna make Daddy mad today." Bey's face frowned as she realized her daddy would punish her if she made her mad. She put the toothbrush in her mouth and brushed lightly but still effectively.

When she was done, she smiled a toothpaste smile at her daddy making her laugh before spitting out the remains.

"You're so silly," Onika says. Bey smiled and turned to the shower.

"Me no shower... right?" Onika turned to the shower and smiled.

"You have to BB..."

"I-I don't wanna. Monster grab me and hurt me. Dada no..." Bey started to cry which made Onika pick her up and place tiny kisses along her smooth caramel painted neck. Soon, she giggled and flashed her million dollar smile.

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