Chapter 2

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Celeste's POV

The following day

Today went by pretty quickly with boring and never ending classes. Well yeah I don't have a pretty exciting life after all beside the two exciting best friends that I have. "Do you guys want to go to the beach or something," Zach asked as he threw his backpack on. "Today I can't remember I have a family thing," Elle said and we nodded. 

"You guys can go ahead. Oh and lover boy make sure to invite Morgan," Elle said winking at him. "Would you please stop calling me that? It's annoying and yes I'll just go and ask her," he said with a scowl on his face. 

"So Celeste has the douchebag been up to any good lately," Elle asked. Knowing very who she was talking about, I frowned. "Well I have been keeping my window close for the past few days so that I don't get to see him," I said and Elle looked at me weirdly. 

"Well yeah the guy is a jerk but you must admit that he is hot as hell," Elle said and at the same time Zach joined us back. "Well girls I know I'm hot as hell. You don't need to say that in my back," he said smirking. "Oh shut up pretty boy I was talking about the douche," Elle said making Zach frown. 

"That guy is no good news so you two better stay away from him. I mean well Celeste you have to stay away from him whenever you guys have dinners," Zach said and he says that every single time Jason's name pops up.

Well me and Jason are bound to get face to face as our moms are best friends and we always have dinner together once in a while. My brothers do talk to him but they are not the best of friend and well he is mostly quiet during those dinner. 

"Zach I know. You say that every time," I said glaring at him. He treats me and Elle like we are still babies. "I'm just warning you guys," he said with a stern look. "Okay dad chill out now," Elle said smacking his arm. "Come on I'll drop you guys home," Zach said and we made our way to his car. I got in front next to Zach who got in the driver's seat and Elle got in the back. 

"So Morgan is gonna get to the beach by herself," Elle asked Zach as she let out a sigh. "You are so dumb Zach," she said glaring at him. "Yeah you should have offered to pick her up," I said frustratingly. "Guys I did ask her she insisted on coming on her own," he said. "Okay Okay fine," me and Elle said. 

Soon, we reached Elle's house and we bid her goodbye and got on our way to my house. "Oh yea Zach I forgot to tell you why Morgan wasn't considering asking you out," I said and he frowned. "She thought that you and me were a thing. She thought that we were going out," I said and he started laughing. 

"Hey why are you laughing," I asked him feeling annoyed at him. "Well you are like my little sister, dude seriously I can't ever think of you in this way," he said looking at me with concerned eyes. "Well I know me too you are like a brother to me. For a minute I thought you meant that I wasn't the type of girl guys would want to date," I said as I felt hurt. 

"Are you crazy? You are one of the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and believe me when I say that Celeste," he said as his eyes were focused on the road. "Well then how do you explain that no guys till now have come up to me to ask me out," I asked as I crossed my arms across my chest. Damn I sound like a spoiled brat. 

"That is the good the way it is Celeste. Maybe those guys don't have enough guts to ask you out. Oh maybe you should try asking guys out," he said making me smile. "Oh yeah that's a great idea okay well who should I ask out then," I asked as I stoked my chin. 

"Well no one from the football team," Zach said making me frown. "But there are tons of cute guys in the football team Zach," I said as I pouted. "Those guys can be real douche," Zach said firmly. "Well you aren't," I said loudly. He sighed and shook his head. 

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