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Summary: This has Previous Parts 🖤👌🏽💛
-Dark Y/N and Miles


Jay and Sharon haven't released any information about what happened 2 weeks ago. Which was great. Me and Miles were super close now, so close that we became a thing.

I explained to daddy about what happened and daddy really liked Miles. So, Daddy allowed Miles to help me with business.

I roamed around school when I felt arms wrapped around me. I giggled and turned to see Miles.. My cute baby.

"Do we have a delivery tonight?" Miles asked, I smirked and nodded in agreement. It was only a week of us dating and it became clear that the school obeyed me and Miles ever since we threatened Jay and Sharon, they stepped down from being the IT couple.

Now it was me and Miles.

"We'll drop Flora home and then head off." Miles mentioned, I agreed and felt as our hands intertwined.

The school intercom beeped and everyone in the hall way stopped in their tracks. We heard the principles voice and he asked for me and Miles to come to the front office.

I raised my brows. "what for?" Miles asked, I shrugged my shoulders and he held onto my hand tightly.

"We stay quiet, no matter what they ask us." Miles spoke, I agreed and we headed towards the front office.

Miles and I made it to the front office to see Daddy and the Sheriff, my uncle Marco.

"We need to talk..." Daddy spoke, I gulped and we walked outside the school building. We all entered daddy's black car.

"What was the name of the boy you held hostage?" Uncle Marco asked, Miles faced me and I turned to face my uncle and dad.

"Jay White, why? Has he exposed me and Miles-No, he was murdered this morning... His family was murdered, mother and younger sister, his father is at the station being questioned now . The crime scene is being examined at this moment." Uncle Marco mentioned, I blinked and exhaled.

No wonder why he wasn't at school.

"You two didn't kill him and his family- Daddy, No, we would never. I only kill people you demand me to Kill. We had nothing to do with this." I explained, Miles agreed.

"While, other officers and the FBI are examining his room, you both went into his room the night you held him hostage. He died in his room, if they find any trace of you or Miles... They'll come after you both." Daddy explained.

I groaned. Miles clenched his jaw.

-Dude, this became Riverdale.
-HAHAHAH sorry whoops.

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