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This story will feature character and concept sketches by yours truly. There will be some themes such as: cursing, violence, stupidity, lots of running, seriously, a lot of running, these characters should be track stars. 

All chapters lightly edited before posting, so mind your grammar beasts please.

AND DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR WORKS IN MY COMMENTS. Don't even suggest I read your work. I will NOT be happy, and I'm lucky to have time to write at all. I'm currently knees deep in a bachelor's program with high extra curricular requirements, so if you're curious about it, ask. If all you want is someone to read your shtuff, go to the social areas of WP for that. This is so I can get feedback, and I just don't have the time for other people's works *cries*. I literally have turned to audiobooks in the car to get in my dosage of reading. That should tell you how much time I spend in the car!

Do not expect a trove of updates. I have a very particular schedule, and there will be spans of time between updates so I might be able to gather myself for the massive plot that this has become. What I do want to do is have a chapter reserve, so if I don't have the required amount of prewritten chapters, updates will be longer.

That being said, I'm not mean and I'm not opposed to having conversations. I just can't spend hours on end replying to comments and scrolling through content or clubs or what not. 

So don't hate me, and enjoy the book!

Much love,


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