Chapter 1: Alois Trancy

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"Wake up, young master." Sebastian leaned over Ciel, who was sleeping soundlessly under the covers of his bed. Hearing Sebastian's voice Ciel groaned and rolled over, away from his butler.

Sebastian shook his head. "Do wake up young master... You'll be late for school." Ciel's head popped up at the word school. He had almost forgotten that Sebastian had enrolled him in school. Why did he even need to go? Ciel hadn't argued with him, he figured School would be a great place to escape all the work he had To do here at the manor an leave it for Sebastian. But being woken up so early.. He was starting to regret his decision.

Ciel sat up lazily on the side of his bed and dropped his head to his chest as Sebastian dressed him, almost dozing off again. Sebastian chuckled. "Sleepy, my lord?" He questioned as Ciel jerked his head up. "huh?" "Nothing." Sebastian smiled and picked Ciel up bridal style, taking him to the kitchen.

Sebastian sat Ciel down at the head of the table and poured him some Earl Grey tea, which Ciel sipped gratefully, it was sure to make him feel refreshed. "Anything you would like to take to lunch?" Sebastian asked as he stood by Ciel, waiting for him to finish his tea.

Ciel shook his head. "I can just eat something in the comfort of my own home when I return, no need to sit at a nasty table full of chatty teens and try to eat." Sebastian smiled at that. "Yes, my lord." He replied, picking up the tea cup and setting it on its matching china plate.

"Sebastian." He stopped in his tracks and turned on his heel to face Ciel. "Yes." "Have my food ready by the time I get home... I'll be without eating for a while." Sebastian nodded and walked to the sink to put the tea set down in it.

Ciel got up and slipped a jacket on, picking up his cane and walking out the door to the carriage, busses were such a waste of time... And noisy.

When Ciel arrived at the Highschool, his jaw dropped at all the students walking in and equally pouring out of the double doors. How could he expect to even get inside, they were like a heard of wild animals. Ciel exited the carriage, waving it off and making slow progress toward the stairs, hoping that by the time he reached the steps the huge crowd would have had time to disperse. When Ciel reached the doors there were only few people walking in and out and Ciel pushed his way through.

Ciel walked down the crowded halls, no one barely even acknowledging his existence as they shoved and pushed him out if there way. Ceil growled under his breath. "Ingrates..." He muttered, walking on to class.

Ciel was good at nothing, not a single class. Grammar in reading class was a bother, science was too messy for his taste, history class was a bore, and he couldn't quite grasp algebra. In P:E people kept hitting him with the ball because he was new to the class, and changing in the locker room was no fun either. Everyone would stare and whistle mockingly at his small lean body, he picked up the rest of his clothes and went to a stall to finish changing before he got angry and said something about how they all looked like they used steroids.

Ciel sighed, it was all so horrible, at least lunch was soon and he could sit at a table and take a break from this madness.

When Ciel got dressed he put his gym clothes in his locker and exited the locker room, making his way to the lunch area. The lunchroom was a fairly big place, tables spread here and there, a couple big trash cans, and the lunch line. What made it so small was all the teens siting and jabbering on about silly things. Ciel chose a table close to the window and crossed his legs, leaning his elbows on the table an enjoying the view. Despite all it's flaws, the school had a lovely garden.

Ciel was interrupted from his relaxation when he felt someone sit down next to him. Ciel turned his head to see a young boy most likely his age dressed in fancy attire like himself. Ciel widened his eye when he recognized the young boy as someone from the Trancy astate, what was a boy like him doing here? The boy tuned to look at him and smiled. "I'm here to have fun silly." He winked. Ciel blushed after realizing he'd said that out loud. The boy giggled. "I'm Alois Trancy, but I know your Ciel Phantomhive." He grinned brightly. "H-how?" "Simple really, your a noble for the queen right? I've heard of you." "Oh..." Ciels face flushed a funny color. Alois smiled, his bright blue eyes shining in the sunlight coming in through the window, his blonde hair practically glittering, he reminded Ciel of a vampire by how seductive he looked, and he shuddered. Alois pulled out a paper bag, which he pulled a piece of cake and a fork out of. Looking at it made Ciel hungry and he soon turned his head. Alois ate almost half and slid the plate to Ciel. "You look hungry." Ciel took the plate and ate off the cake. He was hungry, and the cake was amazing. "Did you make this?" Alois laughed. "No my butler did." Ciel only nodded and finished off the cake, handing the silver ware back to Alois. "The seniors are hosting a party for the entire student body Friday night." Alois said out of no where. "You should come." And with that Alois got up and was lost in the crowd before Ciel could protest.

--------------------------------------------I'm sorry if my stories suck right now, I'm having a ruff month and my writing reflects me, I might try and continue this story and make it better or I might try and make my first band fan fiction. If you have any suggestions I'm very open to them right now

~Stay beautiful

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