Part Six

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John climbed out of his crib the next morning with an idea of revenge in his mind. He had a feeling it was very early in the morning since he had gone to bed four hours before his usual bedtime (while he had adult privileges). Brian and Mimi were asleep down the hall, so John decided that, since his body was up and active not wanting to go back to sleep, they had to be awake too.

He giggled menacely as he dragged every single noisey toy in his possession onto the nursery floor and turned them on. His toy train blowing it whistle and chugging away, his metal spinning top whirling on the wooden floor, and his light-up learning toys shouting out animal sounds. John shook his rattles and banged his toy pianos laughing, trying to get their attention.

He felt so proud when he finally heard footsteps making their way to his nursery and seeing his Aunt Mimi come in. She immediately turned everyone thing off, and when everything was silent again John chirped a "Good Morning!"

She sighed, "It is six in the morning."

"I know." He smiled innocently at her. "Since I went to bed so early, I might as well wake up early."

She picked him up and carried him to the changing table. John groaned, he hated when Mimi did the diaper checks. She would always open his nappy all way way, lifting his legs up and leaving his bum exposed for a good few seconds.

"You didn't go last night." She stated taping his diaper back up.

"Because I didn't need to." John told her proudly. "I'm not a bedwetter, because I am not a baby." John added a little bitterness in his voice, but he had to be careful. His bladder did feel a bit heavy this morning from his bedtime bottle.

"Well guess what, little rascal?" She chuckled, "you definitely are a baby. Now why don't we sit in the rocking chair for a while and try?"

"Try what?" He asked timidly as she cuddled him onto her lap.

"Try to go back to bed and try to wet." She gave him a kiss and began to rock him.

"Mimi no...I can't." John said, but she just kept rocking him and shushing him. John sighed and lay his head on her shoulder. Minutes later he felt his eyes grow heavy and a little bit of pee dribble into his diaper.


Later that afternoon, John was on the floor playing with his his cars making him crash into each other. he had to admit, that was fun. But then he heard the doorbell, and his heart started skipping beats.

Brian immediately got up and opened it, John immediately tried to hide. Mimi caught him and said, "No no, we have guest."

"Mimi...I am not letting anybody see me like this." John growled calmly. But just before he could get away he heard walking. Not just one person walking, but two, maybe three. John's palms started to sweat, his face got hot, he even felt his nerves jitter.

One by one came his mates, Paul, George, and Ringo. "Here he is!" Brian stated, making eye contact with John and smirking.

Paul was shocked at first, but then started to giggle, "Aww...Hi Johnny!"

John didn't know what to do. Could he bolt away, no he'd only be caught. Instead he stood there, squeezing his legs together to hide his diaper and immediately ripping his bib off and tossing it aside.

Brian just ignored it and invited the boys in. George kept looking at John with a big grin on his face. John knew what he was thinking, he knew this was karma. He had always picked on George for being the littlest in the band, calling him a baby and sometimes being a little too enthusiastic when George "adulted".

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