2 ~ SM Entertainment

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(In this fanfic they all just live in the building because it is a part of their contract and for safety


Dart walked around the long seemingly never-ending hallways of the SM entertainment artist dorms. The building was close by to the main building and every artist that was registered under the company lived here unless they were over 30 when they would have the option to live elsewhere. There was also the matter of groups where if they had been together for over five years they could all get separate rooms.

All this information that Dart recalled helped her in absolutely no way whatsoever and she continued turning down random hallways in a weak attempt at finding room 22.

Her basic logic also helped her in no way as the numbers seemed to be in a random order down every hallway. She just passed number 1 and the next door down was 36 and then 17. Dart sighed and pondered why there was such a weird system in the building, so far she had avoided any contact with artists but she had heard voices in Korean through doors and hurried past in case they decided to open their doors.

This could take all night if she had to go up every floor and walk down every hallway, if someone asked her right now she could recite every single door she had passed, and which floor they were on. Dart stopped and took her phone out of her pocket and opened a digital book she had bought online which was supposed to teach her everything she needed to know about Korean in 6 months, she then continued down the hallway occasionally scanning all the door numbers she passed so as not to miss her door. 

The Australian girl got through 4 floors and a quarter of the digital-book when she suddenly slammed into someone in the hallway. Dart was not the cause of the extreme force in the collision as she had stopped completely to scan a few doors when she was hit. 

The groaning on the floor drew her attention to the man sprawled on the ground in front of her and with shock she instantly recognized the face as Kim Heechul of Super Junior. This was not supposed to happen, she was supposed to meet him tomorrow as a guest. Why him? 

 Why him? 

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I mean... he was 35 years old so Dart just assumed she would not have to deal with the awkwardness of bumping into someone who she was working with. Shouldn't he really be living somewhere else by now?

Her thoughts that were approaching internally cursing Kim Heechul for being so immature at heart were cut short when he made eye contact with her and started speaking.

"왜 당신은 왼쪽에 있습니까? 왜이 층에 있니?" (Why are you on the left side? Why are you even on this floor?)

Despite getting through a quarter of the Korean book she had absolutely no clue what the man said to her, but stored the sounds he made in her head for later to figure out exactly what he asked. While focusing on doing that and also being stunned by the sudden burst of Korean she had a look of surprise and even a tinge of fear on her face.

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