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Song: Hold on
By: Chord Overstreet

y/n pov

Its been a week since Sadie 'accidentally' posted a video of me and Will. Ever since, I've tried my best to avoid Will and Sadie. We start filming for our show called, "Outside the Window" today.

It's about five kids who are stuck in a abandoned house on a white winter. 2026, New York, a blizzard hit the area where they live. They struggle to get food and survive, but mostly not become selfish. My character, Emma, supposedly finds a window where they can see the natural disaster. Everyday she looks out the window hoping things will be different. She was full of hope, but it doesn't last long.

I'm extremely excited to start filming. Although, my fans seem to be even more excited than me. I don't think it's possible but...
Anyways, all of this means I have to talk to Will & Sadie.

I've never been so furious with Sadie. Now everyone thinks me and Will are dating! I bet he doesn't even like me, like that.

My anger started to build up until I heard a knock on the door. Ugh

Opening the door stood Josh and Finn. I rolled my eyes. "What do you want!" I said harshly.

"Gee, someone's crabby..." they said, I scoffed at them.

"Seriously, what do u want?"

"We came to pick you up to go to filming."

"Right, okay let me just get my phone" I said while grabbing my phone.

Time skip to when they get to filming

We walk into the huge building. Right away I see Sadie's red hair, and Will standing next to her. I roll my eyes and look the other way.

I open Instagram up, and scroll through random comments. My eyes start to tear up. Normally this stuff doesn't effect me, and I know it's bad to read them, but I couldn't help it.

User1: slut.

User2: I thought you liked Finn?

User3: didn't you just break up with your boyfriend?!

User4: uh Wills mine. Back tf off.

User5: seriously 😳 what about Finn?

How can they hate me already? I didn't do anything? I didn't notice I was crying until a warm liquid hit my cheek. This made my bright e/c stand out.

"Great..." I muttered. First day of filming, and I'm already a wreck. I had an urge to explain it to my fans. So I did.

 So I did

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