Chapter 12 - 20:55 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 12
Date: March 30th, 2018
Time: 20:55pm
Location: Los Angeles
Liam's mansion

Hey, beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful angel.

The start of the music started slow and rose as it moved within the song.

Guest's of Liam's success party danced along in a swift slow dance, all unaware of his absence...all but his wife and deranged adviser.

Looking over her shoulder Cheryl noticed her young husband had left her presence for the first time since he had gotten back from picking up his omega slut, as she thought.

That omega. With such angelic features they seemed fairly deceiving of what the omega really could had been hiding beneath his tough skin. Something put Cheryl off about him and not because he was Liam's new interest.

No, inside his golden false innocent irises there was something there, mystery? Obviously betrayal? Maybe...She couldn't quite put a finger on it but whatever it was it drove her mad.

If that Rodger boy had his own secret agenda on turning on the Alpha that made Cheryl fearful and not for Liam but for her own greedy benefits. She had her plans of taking down the druglord herself, plans she had prepared months in advance for and she was soon ready to take action but since this omega came she felt he possibly was there to ruin it all.

A strong steady hand pressed against her waist, startling her a bit "Mrs. Payne."

The beta turned meeting the eyes of her secret lover "Gerald." She gave a slight pleased smile "Have you seen my idiot of a husband?"

Gerald glanced around the room searching for the young brunette alpha but saw no one but a bunch of drunk dummies stumbling around. "I'm afraid not but why do you care?" He asked raising a curious brow at her.

Cheryl gave him a slight smile in return "Because I'm trying to keep our image perfect."

Her husband's adviser snorted keeping himself from poking fun at her response "Image? Babe, he's a fuckboy who doesn't give one single shit about you. He even had the audacity to bring that little toy of his here." he leaned down and pressed his lips to her ear "There is no image to keep perfect."

"G." She placed her hand at his chest "We gotta sell it before we -"

"Ah Mrs. Payne, it's best if we don't talk about such things in front of your guests." Gerald smugly gestured to the people around them.

Cheryl clicked her tongue sighing with a smirk "You are right Mr. Gillum. My bad. Let us search for my reckless husband."

At her request Gerald placed a hand at her lower back and led her out of the sea of guests.

Along the way Cheryl stopped a few times to greet the attendees. Once out of the main hall they kept to themselves and focused on making it through the drunk crowd and up the nearby staircase.

It being like a can of sardines, it took the two approximately five or so minutes to reach the base of the stairs. Cheryl thanked god for letting Gerald being there because without him it would have taken her a lot longer to reach that point.

In that time the dj already was mixing the song into a slow Kendrick Lamar tune.

Damn, love or lost
Damn, all of us

The dark brunette headed woman picked her head up to Gerald giving him an anxious look "You think he and um that omega are-"

"Let's just see." Gerald said calmly taking her arm as he then led her up the long stair case.

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