Love At First Sight

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The Greatest Showman | Chapter 7

                             Chapter Seven

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                             Chapter Seven

                      ~ love at first sight ♡

Barnum knows.......

Another drink after the other Phillip went , going back to his unhealthy surge of drinking when he had the pleasure to do what he wants as he pleases when he directed his playwrights and show business. He was having a pleasant afternoon with Barnum and his family so he decided it wouldn't hurt if he drank as much as he wanted all though it was a party after all. These parties brought him back to his usual habits which he followed to keep cautious he certainly didn't want to be in which his parents call "his place" . He had left that life past behind him only thinking for the future . He joined Mr. Barnum with glass of ice cold champagne for the evening with praises , talks and bonding .

" Ah Phillip you and me came a long away from where we started !" Mr. Barnum exclaimed with pride of the view where the show has took them.

"Oh certainly but this was all you , I was here before " Phillip responed with a chuckle as he sips a drink of his champagne .

" Phillip don't put it all on me , we made this possible " Barnum repiled not wanting to have all the credits .

They both had a good chuckle and continued to enjoy the luxurious privliged they were given .

" Phillip this is the growing of this adventure " Barnum exclaimed distracted by his surroundings Phillip listened but was staring out the blue when his eyes trailed off.

Taking a sip of his drink his eyes were taken . He saw a young beautiful woman standing behind the balcony strangely separated from the rest . He was quite starstruck . He was numb, locked in eyeing her beauty it felt like the whole world silenced and slowed in time. She stood straight as she stared across the ball, her light silk skin glowing in present of the light, her ball gown glistened as it shimmered, she was a princess,  a beautiful princess making her appearance straight from a fairytale.
Through all the tumult behind him he could hear Mr. Barnum and the rest of everyone mumbling . He didn't care what everyone was talking about , he was captured by the young girl appearance swooned in a trance .

Although he was concerned why she wasn't enjoying the party as the rest it seemed she wanted to be isolated from everyone who joined .

Analyzing her quiet facial expression, he figured she wasn't quite enjoying her afternoon from his view, dressed stunningly elegant for the occasion as she stood in the bright gleaming light from the chandelier, her eyes traced  down to the individuals dancing across the floor, everyone all around having a decent time being here except for..... her.

( Here is an example of the "love at first sight moment he had when he looked at Adeline for the first time)

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( Here is an example of the "love at first sight moment he had when he looked at Adeline for the first time)

~ Phillip P.O.V ~

Nothing much was going in the party mostly ordinary talks and drinking . Being here made me realize what a rich arrogant snob I was , observing some of the men and women who looked at Barnum as a con - man influenced by his unbelievable imagination looking in disgust . I wasn't part of that reputation anymore after all the wonders Barnum changed in me . From seconds here and there I watched as some of the guest recognize me from the playwrites I created and part being well respected belonging to the my family . Everyone knows I ran off to a freak show which they call " lunatic circus " surely laughing what decision I made for my future . I'm glad I joined it made my life much lighter from before it was a trusting decision from there on .

After I thought this party was on the edge it all changed to a new perspective . My eyes trailed far to a young attractive woman with dark brown hair dressed in a lovely yellow fitted gold gown standing alone on the balcony isolated . In a nick of time I realized how much I was drinking suddenly I put my glass down to take a look at the young woman . Curious I wondered why she was separated from the rest quietly observing from above everyone dancing across ballroom below . I couldn't stop admiring her beauty she glisten from the diamond chandilers above like a spotlight .

She looked like royalty , she appeared as a princess .

All my focus lead me to her I couldn't look away it seemed all the moment stood still almost slowed in time . Through all the disturbance which echo behind from everyone's mumbling I could hear Mr. Barnum , Charity and the girls voices chattering  around but I ignored all the conversation I was involved as I was captured by her........ being taking in a fairytale dream .

Who is she....? 

" I never been captured by such beauty as her " I commented in awe as  my eyes observed her completely intrigued .

Mr. Barnum noticed I was quiet for sometime, curious he look in my direction to what was the matter of this cause .

He turned , slowly to my direction realizing who I was eyeing for sometime .

His eyes puplis widen at the glance which he stares back at me, knowingly giving a smirk.

" Ahh ...... isn't she I sight to see"

It seems Phillip your experiencing " love at first sight perhaps " He softly  teased, tracking my silence till now after seeing this young woman who came into my sight .

I gradually coughed,  glancing down at my glass as tipped my head slowly downward.

" You fallen right into her beauty"

"Oh no, no love at first sight exist in children storybooks, it doesn't happen in reality, it's absurd come on Barnum,  I do not believe in that sort of nonsense......" I chuckled as I quickly stood up straight form the unusual comment, taking a quick sip of champagne to slide the idea of being in "love" or "experiencing love at first sight"  once more in the matter of time .

It didn't seem logical ?


Barnum glared back at Phillip as he spoke, knowing this was much more than it seems in Phillip's eyes as he softly coyed him

"That's what exists in fairytales " I commented , glaring back at Barnum .

"It wasn't any different from when you first met Anne.......  wasn't it? So that wasn't the definition of love of
sight , Phillip ? " Barnum suspiciously said intimidating.

I stopped taking a sip from my drink.

I knew where he was going with this statement as he shot back at me with a memory, leaving me with a obvious rhetorical question to which I clicked to realize the first heart - stopping moment when her eyes met mine .

I was struck between my thoughts.

I knew what I was feeling deep inside, it wasn't any other feeling I felt after ......... Anne , the rush of feelings I feel are telling me something else my heart desires as it speaks, beating in a unconditional rhythm I have felt once but now spoke louder than I could realized ......." it's her "

This couldn't be logical....... I have  doubted my own knowledge perhaps, could this be true ......... does love at first sight truly exist ?

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