Fate is a Funny Thing 6

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ok suddenly i feel dizzy..i have no freaking idea why...bleeh..ok so neways..i finished it a few hours ago!:D..i know there are grammatical mistakes..sorry bout that!..i suck at grammar..so yaah..and also i know there are a lotta A/N's..i cudnt help but tell u parts of my life!:P..my oh so boring life!..XD..seriously..it is boring!..there are just times when it;s fun..which is rele rare!..lol!..so yah neways..enjoy!..i didn't re-read it again..i am chatting wid ppl..n dey r olredy getting annoyed!hahahah!:P..ok not rele..dey r just askin were m i n ol..bleeh..so neways enjoy..wnt blabber nemoe..evn tho i did alot!:P

Chapter 6!


Jayden's POV:

After the concert I remembered I had to look for Angel cause if I lost track of her, who knows what would happen to her? And also she came alone.

I couldn't find her anywhere so I told bye to James and told him I will met up with him later cause I had some things to do.

And that's when my journey started in looking for Angel.

And to come to think of it, angel reminds me of my mom's best friend Melody Heaven Crown.

Start of new chapter:

Melody's POV:

I got out of the concert as soon as the last song finished but before I left, I don't know why but I stopped and looked around the concert for something I didn't know about and left.

When I got out I noticed it was a very chilly night tonight. I wrapped my jacket round me tighter.

I was walking aimlessly having no idea where my destination was. I was literarily walking nowhere! It felt weird not having a goal. I usually did. I did my whole life. I would always think about what I would be doing next but shockingly, for the first time ever, I had no idea what I would be doing next. If I was at home right now and not running away I would be thinking of preparing for the Chemistry test I have on Monday or what would Sasha be beating me up with the next time or when or how bad could it get, how should I be prepared? All these questions would be running through my head all the time. All together. They would give me a migraine at times. But now, just thinking about nothing apart from where I should be going and well, how should I be safe from all the thugs that roam around at this time of the night, I had nothing else in my mind. Actually there was nothing at all in my head. It was as if, my mind was blank and there was nothing to think about. It felt weird. It felt very out of place.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the loud crashing sound of a trash can beside me falling because of a black cat. When I looked at the cat, the cat actually snarled at me and ran away. What a mean cat! Oh well.

I started moving again when a car with a bunch of boys, howling and shouting, came honking loudly behind me. It was going to almost kill me if I hadn't jumped out of the way and fallen behind a pile of bushes on the side.

It was a good thing I fell behind the bushes because as soon as that happened a group of thugs were coming my way laughing loudly and talking non sense with knives in their hands. They obviously were drunk and were looking for trouble so I did what anyone would do, try to camouflage into the bushes.

I tried not to breathe as I hid behind the bushes because I felt like making one single noise would make them see me and, I can't even imagine what might happen to me. I might die, I might get raped, I might get murdered, and did I say I might die?

Yeah, well soon they left. I was thankful for that. At least the running away plan was going far so great.

I was just walking aimlessly for *checks watch* 2 hours. Got out of the concert at 9pm and have been roaming aimlessly till 11pm and my running away plan have been going on since 4 pm and hence all together 7 hours. What? I am good at Math.

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