"Hannah will win the quiz anyway," Ajat huffs and crosses his arms.

"It's Olivia's turn now," Kyred says as she gets ready with her Lillipup."


"Well that was quick," I comment.

"Now Emily and Olivia are both moving on," Lillie says. "Bonnie is one point from first and Hannah is tied for second."

"All depends on the quiz," I say as a few desks get carried onto the stage.

"Time for the final round of the day!" Sarah announces. "The quiz round!"

"There is a total of five questions."

"I will ask the question and the competitors will write down their answer on a chalkboard that is in their desk. Some questions have more than one answer."

"Whoever gets the most correct will win!"

"Let's have our first group come out!"

Roberto cruised through the round for a perfect score of 9 points. The questions were way harder than I thought they were going to be. I would have had a hard time getting all five right.

Some questions were about famous places in Alola and other regions while most were based around Pokémon knowledge. Hopefully Bonnie's travelling experience will pay off.

Bonnie walks up and takes a seat with Oricorio there to cheer her on. I can see her fiddling with the white piece of chalk in her hand. "Let the quiz begin!" Sarah cheers.

Bonnie's POV

"Let's start off easy," Sarah says and begins to read the first card. "Question number one... What are the names of the four guardians of Alola?"

"This is an easy one," I mumble. I quickly write down Tapu Fini, Koko, Lele and Bulu.

"Let's see your answers... Everybody was correct!" Sarah cheers.

"Question number two... Where is Alola's first ever Pokémon League being held?" Sarah reads off her second card.

"Another easy one," I smile. I write down Mount Lanakila for another point.

"4/4 again!" Sarah cheers. "I think it's time to make these a little harder."

"Question number three... What is the water type starter Pokémon given to Unova trainers?"

I know Ash has a lot of water type starters... Not Ssuirtle or Totodile because I remember those two joining Ash early. That must mean Oshawott is it!

"It's not Popplio Alice," Sarah sighs. "The rest of you are correct though!"

"Question number four... Where is the most likely spot you will find a Crabrawler?"

Not a clue... Does she mean a route number? I write down Route 5 for fun as I can see the others struggling as well.

"Sorry Alice, Bonnie, Cassandra, it's not a route." Sarah answers. "Kayla is right with berry piles!"

Really? I sigh as Oricorio does a small dance to get me ready for the last question.

"Because of her lead Kayla is moving on!" Sarah announces. "Ready for all the possible outcomes... If Bonnie and Cassandra get this wrong, Alice can guess right to force a tiebreaker. If Cassandra and Bonnie both get it right, tiebreaker just between them. If either one gets it right and the other doesn't, they move on. All that is if Kayla also gets it right. If she doesn't, Bonnie and Cassandra can force a tiebreaker with her. So good luck following that."

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