Joseph trudged up his driveway and up the front porch of his two story level rambler like a zombie. He blamed his sister.

She chewed him out where it'd hurt him the most. And for the rest of the day he couldn't concentrate at work as his mind was assaulted by the infectious thoughts of seeing Layla in the arms of another man. It sickened him to the point it became necessary for the CDC to step in.

But if he had to choose having to live in a world where he had to watch another man hold her, kiss her and make her come so hard she literally explodes then he'd rather choose having an infectious disease. Something quick. Because as much as he thought he was doing the right thing and was ready to bear seeing Layla happy with someone who wasn't him, such a scenario didn't seem real or possible until Keisha basically told him she'd make it her life mission to make Layla forget about him.

Damn he was pathetic. He inserted his house key and unlocked the door when a noise from his right startled him.

"Hey Joseph."

Layla stood up from the porch swing. His eyes roamed over her. Her braids were twisted back in a bun a few strands of them framing the sides of her face. She wore a maroon shift dress -his favorite color- that hugged her curves like a second skin and a pair of black stilettos that did all kinds of things to her ass, making him want to grab and pull her into his hardening cock.

Damn. She was beautiful.

"Layla," he murmured. He shook his head and fisted his hands to stop himself from reaching out and touch her. "What are you doing here? If it's about what happened-"

"No. It's not about that." Layla twisted her hands in front of her then laced them behind her back, lifting her lush breasts higher. "Though I don't regret it. In fact I'd love to have you inside me again."


"I know. I know. But it can't happen again."

His gut twisted. Hearing Layla agree and confirm that they should never again was another devastatingly blow he didn't need. It brought to mind everything that happened that night. The way her breath hitched when he suckled her nipples into her mouth. Her soft cries and the way her possy clamped on his cock then drove her hips down as she came.

She gazed up at him and he saw she was remembering their night together as well. The desire he always felt for her sprang up and charged the air around them. Her eyes fell closed at half mast and Joseph wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her more than anything he ever wanted.

He must be insane taking a step back breaking the spell. But he still believed he was doing what was right. They were both at two different points in their lives. In a few years he'll be settling down, getting married and starting a family of his own. While she was still trying to find herself which explained her current business. Of course what he did expect from an avid Harry Potter fan. Even though he had to admit everything she said did happen.

Steeling himself against the sexy siren in front of him he told her in a curt voice, "That all you wanted to say? If so, I've had a long day and just want to get to bed."

A hurt look crossed her face and it hurt him for putting it there. But he had to. He'd already messed up once. He'd could easily mess up again if he wasn't careful.

Layla took a deep breath and smiled at him. Her lips quivered in pain a bit drawing his gaze making him feel like an asshole. But at least he was an asshole with morals.

"Please don't be angry at me."

"I'm not angry-"

"Yeah. You are." Her hand reached out and picked up an insulated back from the bench he hadn't noticed. "And you have every right to be. You want me to stay away from and I'm just not listening."

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