Layla woke up the next morning deliciously sore in all the right places and abrasions on her neck, between her breasts and thighs from his stubble, scruffy beard. Donning purple tights and a baggy grey sweater, her mind drifted off earlier that morning.

Joseph had reached out for her in the middle of the night making love to her again. Barely awake, her body moved as one with her thoughts, and she turned around to reach for his cock which had nestled against her butt, her back pressed tightly to his front, before dawn.

But wherever his cock was it definitely wasn't there anymore as the only thing she grabbed was air then a fistful of her bed sheets. Waking up after the best sex of your life only to clutch your Hogwarts house instead of the man himself was not a good feeling at all. The note he left on her side table soothed her hurt feelings. A bit.

Her eyes stung at the betrayal but she tried to keep it together. Last night was magical and wonderful. She wouldn't let Joseph's absence take that away. He must've been as reeled from the intensity of their lovemaking as she was. He'd probably needed a step back to think. A problem for her because she didn't plan to wait another seven years just to have him again. And for good.

Making her way downstairs Layla futilely glanced around the living room and kitchen. Seeing no sign of Joseph aside from the fact he picked up her clothes, put her forgotten ice cream back in the fridge and cleaned up before left, that he was there. And definitely gone.

The tears she kept at bay broke free, spilling down her cheeks as a wracking pain in her chest like a saw cutting into bone, weakened her knees. Slumping down to the kitchen floor, Layla sat on her backside with her back to the wall. Legs crossed at the ankles she pulled her knees to her chest, wrapped her arms around her legs and cried into her knees.

She didn't know how long she sat there but her bout of crying was soon replaced by mounting anger. Layla lifted her head and fiercely wiped away the tears from her face with the back of her hand.

Uncrossing her legs she stood up from the floor, stomped to the fridge door in short strides and grabbed four frozen waffles from the freezer. She popped them into the toaster then grabbed a plate and fork and knife from the dishwasher. As the toaster was busy toasting she rushed out the kitchen, passed the living room and up the stairs to her bedroom for her cell phone.

Her cell phone laid next to Joseph's note. The bold words of 'Didn't want to wake you. Sorry' glared up at her. She picked up the note and crumpled it in her fist. Then picked up her phone and swiped the screen for Bea's number.

"Layla," she murmured on the fifth ring. "Don't you know how early it is?"

"Sorry. But I just need." Her voice trembled.

"What's wrong?" asked Bea, instantly alert.

"I need...I hate men!"

"'Kay. Nough said. We'll be there in an hour. Wait for us and break out something strong."

Layla hiccuped and laughed. "Isn't it too early to be drinking?"

"It's after five somewhere in the world."


"Seven years!" Layla looked around at her mystic sisters sitting around her coffee table. "Seven years I've liked him girls. And just when I made my mind to stop he just shown up. Make me change my mind back. Then sneaks outta here like he stole something. Who does that?"

"A man," answered Bea.

"Maybe he had a good reason for it," said Jenna.

"The only reason he had was being a man."

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