Rant or A/N

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ok im pissed, me and my friend were walking down the street and our ex's we walking by and her ex tries to hug he and she was freaking out but i was helpless cause mine forced me into a kiss and i was trying to get him off but then she was like "No one messes with Meg and gets away with it and then she kicked her ex and he fell on his ass then she pulled my ex off of me and punched him and she was like "im calling Roy and Conner fuck this walking shit" so she called them and im just standing there like "please kill me i need to sterilize my mouth"  but the guys pulled up and they were like "get in and we can talk about what happen latter" the entier tim Roy was squeezing my hand and mumbling curse words.Conner was driving us to were our group meet up all the time and we were kinda confused till we saw the look on his face he simply said "were just gonna hang with everyone else and try to forget that those dishes came by" and he hugged meg and said "if i ever see either of them again im gonna kill them and im being dead serious" but we wound up just hanging at wally's place with him arty and Jason. it was kinda boring till Cas and Tim showed up with Julli. we all just played party games

but im still pissed that they tried that, what kinda guy trys to get with his ex again after she dumped him!!!!! it like no f-u-c-k y-o-u b-i-t-c-h 


that pic is my oc Gori Cori.

that video is for lazy people like me who dont want to spend time to look pretty but still wanna look pretty and some of the hacks can be used for guys to. (not that any of you need it you all have natural beauty and dont even say you dont or i will find you and smack you.)

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