Chapter 7 - the warehouse

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The warehouse wasn't that far from the hospital. Indeed, I was here in less than 20 minutes.

In that period I had the time to see more the city and I concluded that LA was very different from New York... Sadly.

I miss New York already. I miss my house, my mom. And Sam.
I miss my brother, more than I thought I would miss him.


When I finally arrived at the warehouse, I saw that both of the twins cars were here, and I directly texted Grayson, saying that my Uber dropped me.
He replied that the door was open and that I could come in.

And that's what I did.

I opened the door, slowly, and the first thing that I noticed was that the warehouse was much bigger than I expected.

And before I could see more, Grayson came towards me. He was wearing a white shirt which was entirety covered in ketchup. He seemed pissed.

"What happened to you ?" I asked laughing.
"Ethan just threw ketchup at me"
"Why ?"
"Just because I stole him a fry," Grayson said right when his brother came where we were.

He was visibly extremely proud of himself.

"Hey," I said to him.
"Hi," he replied with a shy smile.

He had a big camera in his hands and walked to the trampoline.

"Go change Gray, we have to film and you look disgusting." He said.

Grayson looked at me with a sorry look.

"I'm going to change really quick, I'll be right back. Do you want to help us film ?"

I nodded.

"Yes of course," I smiled to him.
"Cool, make yourself comfortable, ask Ethan if you need anything." He said before walking upstairs to change.

I then looked around and saw Ethan setting cameras around the trampoline.

"You guys are going to film here ?" I asked, walking towards him slowly.

He looked at me, surprised that I talked to him.

'Yes... Yes, we... We're filming a sit down video, actually..."

He was nervous.


I sat on the Air Track mattress watching him set the cameras.
He was really concentrated on his work and he definitely was a perfectionist.

"So you... You live with your father ?" Ethan asked me at one point.
"And you're going to college ?"
"No. I stopped my studies after high school."
"So what do you do now ?" He asked, looking at me.

I was sure he'd talk more when he would be in a place he was familiar with.

"I help my dad at the boat harbor sometimes, or I spend time in his boat."
"Your dad has his own boat ?"

This time he was very interested, I could see lights in his eyes.

"Yes. It's not that big but it's alright I guess."

He nodded.

"And you know how to sail ?"
"Yeah, my dad teached me when I was a kid."

Ethan nodded again and smiled, but still avoiding my eyes.

"If you want we can go one day, with Grayson." I said to him.
"Really ?"
"That would be amazing," a voice said behind me.

I looked and it was Grayson.
I smiled to him.

"Then I'll ask my dad, but I'm sure he'll be okay with that."
"Okay." Grayson said.

Ethan was still smiling. It warmed my heart seeing him so excited over something. I was getting used to see him hiding his feelings and his thoughts, used to not see him smile or talk.

"Do you maybe wanna do a Dolan Twins warehouse tour ?" Grayson asked me suddenly.

I looked at him and thought that I would never be able to hide my physical condition if I say yes.

"An other day maybe. I want to see you guys film." I said trying to sound as truthful as possible.

And that seemed to work.

"Alright then."

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