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i sat quietly in the great hall, next to jenna, and millicent.

the first years were being sorted, and i began to understand the hat better. the young kids walked gracefully over to the slytherin table. i watched as they stepped over the bench to sit down, their robes gliding against the wood.

hogwarts was a beautiful school, from what i've seen. much nicer than durmstrang, which was drowning in intimidating decor, and kids who were certain they would take over the world.

i rested my head on my hand, thinking about what could've been going through my mother's mind at this very moment.

after about an hour of first years strutting confidently over to their house's tables, dumbledore began a speech.

i could hardly hear him over the chattering at the slytherin table, not that i cared about what he was saying.

all night, i couldn't stop thinking about what i had done.

i've never been so confused in my life. i don't know why i'm at hogwarts, why my mother is after me, or what happened after i killed my father.

i placed my hand on my head in stress. i had been so lost in my thoughts, i hadn't even realized that everyone around me began eating.

"not hungry?" jenna said, nudging my shoulder. "oh... no i'm all right actually." i replied.

she was about to answer, when a flood of owls poured through the windows holding envelopes.

my mother's owl fluttered down in front of me. i pulled the envelope out of its mouth, and it immediately exited the castle.

my hands shook as i stared down at what was in my hands.

this could be the explanation i've been looking for. so much had happened in the past week, my mind felt so overwhelmed. i rubbed my eyes, and groaned.

     "who's it from?" jenna asked, quietly. "my mum." i responded.

     then, without thinking, i ripped open the envelope. i couldn't hesitate or i wouldn't do it. i roughly pulled out the letter and slammed it on the table.

     jenna looked at me, and raised her eyebrows.

     i ignored her, and forced myself to read the letter.

      i ran my hand across the front of the paper. the words were written in black ink. i could feel my mother's presence pulsating through the parchment like she was really here.

     my heart began to beat faster and faster with every inch of the page my eyes scanned.

     i pushed my hair behind my ears and began to read.

"Dear Alecius,

Because of you, I'm left alone to fend for myself. I thought your father and I had made it clear that you will tend to our orders for the entirety of your life, until you are given to the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, we thought completely wrong. Your actions have made it impossible for me to forgive you. You killed a loyal member of Voldemort's Army. The love of my life. For that, we will have to punish you. The death of your father was indeed tragic, and the death of you will be worse. You are not my daughter. You are a traitor. I will find you, Alecius. You will not be safe in that preppy little school forever.

Best Wishes,

     by the time i had finished reading my eyes were clouded over with tears i had tried to refuse to let fall, but failed miserably.

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