Chapter 13A: Ming

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Another long chapter sorry guys... cut in half again 🙃... hope you enjoy 😉


I was walking around the Intochar's home. Wayo has been living here for over two weeks and it still felt odd being inside the home of my childhood friend without him actually being here. In fact, every time I walked inside the door I felt the absence of him.

I would specifically come on non-school days in hopes he came over. Of course he never did. Finally I realized if I wanted to see him then it would have to be me who goes to him. It's always been that way anyways. Me following behind him, trying to catch up.

I was scanning the walls, which had many pictures. Some were old and some were new. I was standing in front of a picture of Kit when he was younger. He looked exactly like the day I first saw him.

Very cute.

He was standing in front of a car smiling. His dimples were showing in full bloom with his round cheeks. His body was a tad on the chubby side, but the kind that made you want to pinch his cheeks any time you saw him. His hair was a little darker then what it is now, but still brown. He was taller than myself when we first met. When the years past I gradually caught up to him in height. I wonder when he stopped growing.

"Haha. I'm surprised you aren't pissed." I say to myself. All these pictures were bringing back memories that over the years were fading.

This one in particular reminded me of the first day we met...

It was around ten years ago. I was eight years of age at the time. Very hot blooded and hyper.

I was moving around a room that was crowded and loud. All the people were tall and looked in my direction with an annoyed face. The kids weren't supposed to be in the building. It was my first time at something like that so I had no idea. It was a house in town. They were celebrating a company anniversary.

I lost my father somewhere in crowd. I was starting to freak out. I was there for a while. What if my father left without me? I wouldn't put it past him. It happened a few times before. I stopped when I heard children talking nearby.

I thought I was the only child there. I hadn't seen any other children before then.

"Whose family is he from?"

"Who cares?! Do you see the way he acted toward us? Fatso needs to learn his place."

"Haha. What did you do to him?"

"Locked him in the back shed. I stole the key from my father," he replied. So he lives here? I looked at the two boys talking. I didn't recognize them. They looked older than me by about 2 year's maybe. What were they talking about? Who did they lock in the shed? "I can't believe he followed me in there. Idiot!"

Wait. This is bad. They locked someone outside.

I ran outside and looked around for a shed. I noticed there was more children hanging outside in different areas. The yard was very large and filled with a lot of trees. I finally saw the shed in the far corner hidden behind bushes and vines. I ran up to it and started to slow down when I heard a whimpering sound.

I walked closer and my ears weren't deceiving me. There was someone crying inside. I tried the doorknob but it was locked. I banged on the door.

"Hey! Who's in there?"

"Go Away!" *Sniff. Sniff.*

"Go away?... How am I going to get you out if I leave now?"

I hear shuffling on the other side of the door. Then a soft voice asks. "You aren't one of the guys who put me in here?"

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