crazy in love

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michael wheeler knew that he was undeniably in love with eleanor jane hopper.

although he would never admit it, it was the most extraordinary feeling he had ever experienced.

the feeling of knowing she was the one person he could always depend on, the one person he could trust when everyone else seemed to disappear.

the one person he truly loved.

"mike, mike!" lucas snapped, awaking mike from his daydream.

"s-sorry, what?" he scratched the back of his neck, engaging back into the conversation he had zoned out of minutes before.

"i asked you when el is allowed to leave the cabin." lucas sighed.

although lucas wasn't fond of the girl at first, he had learned to accept her and her differences. in fact, he now found her pretty cool.

"oh, forty-seven days." mike avoided eye contact when answering his question, trying his hardest to contain his excitement.

"you know the exact number?!" dustin loudly chuckled, nudging mike's shoulder.

"well, yeah..." he mumbled, blushing wildly.
"you owe me ten dollars, lucas." will quietly added.

mike looked at him as if he was crazy.

"w-what are you talking about?" mike asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

"i'll give it to you at school on monday." lucas grumbled, completely ignoring mike's question.

"what are you talking about!" mike exclaimed, louder and clearer than he had the first time.

this caused the three boys to turn their attention over to their flustered friend.

"will and i made a bet.."
"what kind of bet?!" mike retorted.

"well, if you knew something oddly specific about el, like what you just said." lucas shrugged.

"that's not oddly specific, how is that oddly specific?" mike protested in return, his face scrunching up.

"uh, yeah, it is! in so many ways!" dustin chuckled.

"i mean she's my girlfriend, of course i knew." mike softly smiled at the thought of seeing el again.

"man, you're whipped." dustin snorted, patting his back.

"no i'm not!" he fought back, even though dustin's remark was obviously true. the girl had him wrapped around her finger without even knowing it.

"are too." will snickered.
"am not!" mike declared.

during his objection, mike slammed his supercom down on the basement table.

just as will was about to continue the bickering between the party, a small and delicate voice arose from the supercom.

"babe? hello?" a soft voice asked.

mike's eyes widened as he realized that his action caused him to accidentally call el.

talk about bad timing.

"el? sorry, i didn't mean to call you." he turned away from the group of boys, in an attempt to keep his conversation with his girlfriend as private as he possibly could.

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