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She stepped into the room, propelled by the hope that maybe today would be her day. Today would be the day that sets the rest of her life in motion. Sunlight filled the room through the large floor-to-ceiling windows that took up an entire wall. A bright and sunny day; the optimist in her told her that this had to mean something.

The four men and women she'd come to see sat at the far end of the room. Their facial expressions were difficult to read, but their eyes still seemed as warm and inviting as they did all the other times she'd seen them over the past six months. They were a friendly, yet still professional bunch. Whether or not they were good at their job, she would decide after today.

One of the men, Doctor Ellet, the sexologist stood up to greet her. He smiled at her, his smile crinkling up the corners of his eyes. With dark brown hair and olive-colored eyes, he was a handsome man. She could only pray that she'd be paired with someone even half as attractive.

The rest of the experts rose to greet her before their meeting commenced. She sat in a chair facing the four of them. It felt like she was on an episode of Dragon's Den, but instead of looking for financial help from a group of ruthless loan sharks, she'd come looking for love.

It seemed like a good idea when she applied; relationship experts help you find the perfect partner. Perfect sounded a little farfetched, but compatible would be close enough. Now a small part of her started to regret having gone through the process in the first place. Like they could ever find a match for me, she thought.

"Kenadie," Mrs Pence, the relationship expert, started. "As you know, we've called you in today because we have come to the end of our deliberations. This is quite an extensive process and we tried everything we could to find the best partner for you in our database."

Kenadie began fidgeting in her seat, like a toddler waiting in line for the bathroom which prompted Mrs Pence to stop. The other woman in the panel of experts, Dr Kingston, stood up and approached the woman.

She put her hand on Kenadie's shoulder and whispered, "Hey, don't beat yourself up. You haven't even heard the verdict yet."

Everyone in the room chuckled, putting Kenadie at ease. "Alright, besides, I know you all did your best," she said.

Dr Kingston returned to her seat. She was the psychiatrist, the one she'd sat down with for hours talking to about her life, her family, her values and most importantly; her issues. The last part was by far the most difficult. But part of the process, according to Kingston, was confronting the past for a productive future and allowing yourself to be emotionally available to your future partner.

She smiled at the fact that even if she didn't walk away from this experience with a life partner, she would at least have made a bond with the four people in front of her, perhaps a familial one?

"I suppose it's pointless for me to drag this out any longer than I need to," Mrs Pence said. "I'm pleased to inform you that you've made the shortlist and we have found a match for you."

"Are you serious?" Kenadie squealed.

"Yes, congratulations Kenadie," said Dr Ellet.

She watched as the experts got up from their seats and followed suit. They all gave small congratulatory hugs. The search was over. Science had been able to do what she couldn't: find the perfect man.

Joy was written across Kenadie's face, she was nervous for no reason after all.

Lots of paperwork followed which was a grueling part of the process. Throughout all of it all she could think was who her match could be since his identity would be kept anonymous until the wedding ceremony.

Was he going to be hot? Of course she'd want to be physically attracted to him, but she hoped he wouldn't be so attractive that she'd struggle to string together a proper sentence.

Where is he from? What led him to sign up for the social experiment like she had? Would she be good enough for him?

She tried to keep the negative thoughts at bay for now. The best news so far was that she had been matched with someone and they would be getting married in two weeks.

After about an hour and a half of sifting through paperwork, she said her goodbyes to the experts and thanked them profusely for everything they had done for her this far.

As she walked back to her car, she realized there was one question she hadn't asked herself.

How would she break the news to her family and friends?

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