strong competition

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Annabeth's POV:

The sun shines down on us as I cook breakfast with Hazel. Travis and Leo went off to get the flag we carry over to the challenge. I feel like a jittery bug, I'm constantly thinking about the Brawns tribe. Beauty tribe is a big threat too, but physically Brawns is our worst enemy.

"Scared for today?" Hazel asks, cutting corn.

I sigh, "A little. I've watched this show my whole life, and I know what to expect, which is the un-expecting. Now that we're about to go to our first challenge it all seems real now."

"Just get through the first course and we'll take it step by step from there," Hazel says reassuringly.

"Hey guys, the camera people are telling us it's time to go!" Connor yells a few feet away from us.

"We're right here," Hazel and I yell back.

"Jeez," Connor says smirking, putting both hands up in surrender.

I grab my bag and we all set the path to the far side of the cove. The hike takes longer than I thought it was going to take but eventually we join the tribes Brawns and Beauty. Stepping on our mat, I look around. In front of us is a long stretch of wide tracks and then high tables where Jeff is standing. To the side of him on the edge of the course, I see objects covered and can tell those are our prizes if we win. Looking behind me, I see boats in the water, and ramps where I assume the boats will be going up to where we are standing.

"Welcome to the first challenge of Survivor Brawns vs. Beauty vs. Brains," Jeff starts. We all cheer, and I look around at my teammates smiling. My eyes catch to the right of me and I see Percy Jackson fist bumping Jason. Percy's eyes find me, and he smirks, I look away again, embarrassed to be caught the second time. I hope the cameras didn't catch that. I need to focus on the game.

Jeff waits for us to quiet down before continuing. "For today's challenge, you will be swimming out to your boats. You will pick one person to dive down into the water to retrieve a paddle. There are four paddles. Once all paddles are collected, you will then race to shore where you will attach wheels onto it after pushing it up the ramp. Two people from your tribe will run down to the end and help pull the boat. The rest of you at the end will then push the boat along the track. Once everyone is at the end, you will solve a puzzle. The two to finish will win immunity and will be safe from the vote. For the reward, the first team to finish will win a fire making kit that will last you for weeks. The second tribe to finish will just get a flint but helpful nonetheless. The losing tribe will be sent to tribal council that night, where the first person will be voted off and sent home," He explains, and tension and excitement fills the air. "I'll give you a moment to pick who does what and then we'll get started."

I turn to me team members. "Leo. You and I do the puzzle. Travis, you dive for the paddles. Got it?" They all nod grinning. "The four people to row are Connor, Nico, Hazel and I."

Jeff speaks over our chatter, "Alright, swim to the docks!"

We all run into the water and swim to the docks. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Percy's long strokes, gliding through the water. I groan in frustration. This boy will be the death of me in this game. I don't even know him. Arriving at the dock, we all position ourselves in front of the boat, ready to get in.

Jeff holds up his hand. "Survivors ready? Go," He yells putting his other hand up.

Immediately, we all dive back into the water where we swim to the boats. Travis who has the goggles on hauls himself up before pulling Hazel up. I'm the last to get in, before ushering Travis to get back in the water. Looking around I see we are the ahead by a sliver.

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