No Way Out...Part 9

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*Kayla's POV*

We all were horrified. Zak is being possessed. We all screamed and ran to the door. Billy couldn't open the door. It was locked completely. "It's locked!" Billy yelled. Zak started walking down the stairs slowly. "Run!" Josie yelled. We ran in different directions of the house. I ran into the kitchen. I looked behind me and saw Zak walking quickly towards me. I slammed the kitchen door and locked it with the key that was in the key hole. There was silence on the other side of the door. I took the key out of the key hole. I bent down to look through the key hole to see if Zak has left. I took a deep breath. I was shaking. I looked through the key hole. Zak looked through the key whole as well. "Peak-a boo!" Zak said. I gasped and fall backwards onto my butt. "Come on Kayla, let me in" Zak said. I ran to the back door but it was locked and the keys to the back door were gone. The kitchen windows were in no use either, they won't open, no matter how hard I tried. There was no other way of getting out of the kitchen, only through the kitchen door.

"I promise I won't hurt you ok" Zak said softly but I didn't trust him. Whoever is this demon that is possessing Zak is going to get more dangerous. "No open the god damn door!" Zak yelled and started banging on the door. I had to get out here. I had an idea, if I hid behind the door, unlock it, let Zak in and while he's not looking, I'll make a run for it. I unlocked the door and hid behind the door. Zak came in. "Come out and play Kayla" Zak said holding a knife in his hand. I felt really weak, I was that frightened, I'm becoming weaker. I tipped toed out of the kitchen. "Hey!" Zak yelled. He caught me!. I started running again. I ran up the stairs. I ran into a room. "Nick! Trina! Rose!" I yelled. Zak was coming up the stairs. I ran to the window and tried to get that to open. Once again, it's locked completely.

"Oh god!" I cried. Zak stood at the door way of the room. "Hello Kayla" Zak said in the same creepy, dark, scary voice as before. I was against the wall. Zak walked towards me. I looked across the room and saw a knife, gun and holy water on the night stand. Zak held the knife up. "Let's play a game, I'm the killer and your my helpless victim" Zak said. Just as he was about to strike, I ran passed him and ran to the night stand. I picked up the knife, gun and holy water. Zak walked towards me. I opened up the holy water and held it up to him. "Don't come any closer or else I will throw holy water at you" I warned him. Zak started backing away. I started walking towards the door, while keeping looking at Zak. Zak started growling at me. I closed the holy water bottle and ran out.

"Kayla! Over here!" Nick called out to me from Trina's old room. I ran towards the room. Nick let me in and Nick locked the door. It was only me, Nick, Aaron, Billy, Kennedi, Ashley and Megan this room. "Where's Trina, Rose and Josie?" I asked. "They are hiding in another room" Aaron said. We just waited to see if Zak is coming towards the room we're in or where Trina, Rose and Josie were. "I'm shaking right now guys" I whispered holding out my hands and to show them much I was shaking. "We're going to die in here!" Ashley whispered/shouted while panicking. Nick shushed us. Megan, Ashley, Kennedi and I were in the corner of the room. We hated when there is silence. There's always something going to happen after their is silence.

We heard Trina, Rose and Josie screaming. Nick opened the door and ran out. "Nick! No!" Megan cried. She ran towards the door. I ran after her and grabbed her before she could leave the room. Aaron yelled "Nick!". Nick was across the hall and he kicked Zak in the stomach. Zak fell the the ground. "Go girls!" Nick yelled. Trina, Rose and Josie ran out and came into the room we're in. Rose jumped at me for a hug. Nick ran back in and locked the door again. We were panting and holding our chest, feeling our heart beats. "This is not happening! I want this to be a dream! Please tell me that this is a dream!" Ashley cried and paced back and forth.

"This isn't a dream Ashley" Kennedi said. "Oh sweet Jesus!" She cried. Trina patted her back. "We have to get out of here" Jay said. "The front door is locked" Nick said. "The back door is locked too, so are all the windows" I said. I keep thinking this a bad dream, I'm just going to wake up and everything is normal. "Guys, we can't give up now" Megan said. "We have to find a way to get out and get that demon out of Zak" Aaron said. "Guys, there is No Way Out..." Nick looking at all of us. We stayed serious. With a demon that powerful controlling Zak, we could end up not making it out alive of this place. Like Nick said, there is No Way Out...

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