Ch.5: Paying A Visit To The Dead

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This isn't really what I expected, Ray can't help thinking. But I suppose that's alright.

On the elevator ride up, she found herself studying her new companion. At first glance, he looks like a blood-spattered maniac. Yet, now that he's not trying to kill her, and this elevator makes them stand a bit close together, she can discern more features about him.

He's tall and a bit gangly, possibly a teenager or maybe twenty-ish. He has short black hair that likes to poke out from the cover of his gray hood. The hoodie itself is spattered in bloodstains and has an arrow design leading up the front, along with a few black dashes on the chest and a set of small arrows on the hood. She's still a little fascinated by how his eyes are two vastly different colors- one a dark brown, and the other a brilliant gold.

But, the one thing that stands out most against his person is the fact that he's wrapped head to toe in gauze. Every inch of his skin is covered in bandage, the wrapping soiled in places. The only parts of his skin she can actually see is around his mouth, eyes, and nose, and what she does see she can tell is quite a bit darker than her own.

I wonder why he's completely wrapped in so much gauze?

Funny... I don't even know his name, either.

The boy catches the way she's eying him, and immediately bristles.

"What the hell are you lookin' at?" he demands coarsely. He adjusts his scythe over his shoulder warningly.

"...Nothing," she says, and he makes a noise under his breath.

"S'what I thought."

Thankfully, before he could become more agitated, the elevator doors slide open. Ray hadn't even realized that it stopped.

The two step out onto the floor. Cobblestone lines this floor, laced in loose dirt. The path in front of them is narrow, surrounded by water on both sides.

"...It's chilly here," she says, rubbing her shoulders reflexively. The temperature drop from the last floor to here really is noticeable- like they both walked into a lukewarm freezer.

Her companion moves over to glance at the floor sign, and growls. "Shit, we're still only on B4?! Let's get out of here already- move it!"

He walks past her hurriedly, already moving on, and she jogs to keep up with his steps. She's unused to traveling with company like this since her previous exploration attempts ended up with her nearly being murdered twice before. Yet, something about him is refreshing somehow; perhaps it's the fact that his intentions have been clear from the very beginning. This boy hasn't said a single thing to her that he either hasn't followed through with or meant completely.

Wouldn't most murderers lie or cheat their way to what they want? 'The end justifies the means', right?

It might be too early to tell, but she'll ride it out for now and see what happens. After all, no matter what the outcome, he said he would kill her. That's what's important in the end.

Trailing behind him, she flickers her blue-eyed gaze across the water around them, alf expecting something nightmarish to peek out from the shallow depths. Surprisingly, the water seems fairly clear, and just underneath the surface to her left she can make out some kind of odd shape. From this distance, it's impossible to make out any details about it.

"...Something's in the water," she points out to her companion, and he pauses to wheel around, following her glance.

"What is it?" He edges closer, trying to catch a better look at it. "What the hell is that thing?"

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