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I sat down on a rock and stared out into the open. We were in the middle of nowhere. Our phones didn’t work, we had no Internet, and we were all hopelessly bored. It was weird though, because somehow the microwave, telly, AC, and the lights all worked in the large cottage-like house that we were living in at the moment.

See, the boys and I were having a one week vacation. Management decided that it would be best for us to go somewhere where nobody could find us, and where we could take a break from all the fame.

Personally, I thought this was a great idea. I thought maybe in the woods, or by the beach. I thought this was awesome... until we heard we were going to be living on a mountain, overlooking valleys of snow. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love snow, but I wasn’t too fond of hearing that we were going to be on a mountain.

 I might sound like Liam, but what if there’s an avalanche? Or what if somebody... falls off?

Ok, fine, so you can’t technically fall off a mountain, but you get my point. It’s dangerous. And all we really got to look at was snow, right? That’s not much, really. There were probably barely any trees; and if there were any at all, they were most likely pine trees.

But I was wrong, actually. There were trees, of all different sorts, and there were mountains. But I was wrong about the snow. I mean, well, yeah, there was snow. But it was just a thin layer, less than an inch really. The view was nice, I guess. Not brilliant, but nice. It kind of looked like a desert, with the red and orange dirt. Zayn had joked about how it looked like we were on Mars.

I guess living on "Mars" for a week couldn't be too bad.

I just sat and stared, not doing anything in particular other then scanning the nice scenery and messing with my shirt button; unbuttoning it and buttoning it over and over. This was starting to become a habit of mine when I got bored.

Being me, I started to think. Where are we going to go if we need food? Knowing Niall, he’d eat a week’s worth of food in about three days. And what were we supposed to do?

I made my way back to the house. I studied the porch. The railings, steps, and flooring were all made of a smooth, light-brown, oak wood. There was a medium-sized table with an umbrella sticking out of it, and some deck chairs to the left. On the right was a giant hot tub, with a bunch of different buttons. No doubt it probably had jets and lights in it.

The house itself was amazing, not just the porch. It was made of a darker wood then the oak, and it looked polished to perfection. It had two stories, and big windows. On the second floor there was a balcony to one of the master bedrooms. As far as I knew, there were two loos’, a living room, four closets, an attic, a basement, a dining room, a kitchen, and four bedrooms. It was decided that Liam and Zayn were sharing one of the rooms, and that me, Harry, and Niall got our own rooms.

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