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A/n: as some of us may know that Roadtrip have just started their tour (yesterday) and this is for those who can't go or who are going. I hope that the ones who do go have the best time of their lives and enjoy every minute of it. I wish I could go but unfortunately things had happened so I couldn't. Anyways hope you enjoy this imagine...

Brooklyn's POV:
Tour has been amazing so far as we have only done about 3 shows (I'm skipping it a bit). We have met some amazing Roadies and seen some who came to the shows. Every single one of them are amazing and I really hope they know that. Each of them are talented in many ways. I hope that one day we get to meet them all. The shows we have done so far have had one day off between them. Obviously we had to travel up to the next venue on that day so that was that. I miss everyone back home.

The one person that I really miss the most is my girlfriend Y/N. Unfortunately she isn't with me as I wasn't allowed her on tour with us. We haven't seen each other in 2 weeks and it's really hard of us both. We've kept contact with each other through out each day so we know how we're getting on. I really do miss her... like crazy and some days it hurts when she phones me crying.

We have a show in London, which is today's show, so as Blair said I can go home and see her again after this for an hour. I know that's not much but at least I get to see her. The tour was around England. Hopefully in the future we get to go around Europe as that would be amazing. Then that tour I will definitely have to bring Y/N with me no matter what happens. I should be home in about 2 or 3 weeks which means I get to see Y/N again and spend more time with her. I really can't wait to see her.

Your POV:
Blair just rang me as I tried to ring him earlier. We organised something for me to surprise Brooklyn as he's not been himself. He said he will explain it properly when I'm in his car. My flat is just an hour away from London so it won't take to long to get there so there is plenty of time for me to do what I need to do before hand. Brooklyn and the others have been on tour for 2 weeks now. I miss him like crazy but I can't wait to see him again soon. I get to see Brooklyn layer today. I got myself ready for the day as it's going to be eventful. It was a sunny day so I wore denim blue shorts, white converse and a summer top.

Blair came to my flat to collect me for the day. I got in the car and he drove to London. "Brooklyn has not stopped going on about how much he misses you according to the others. He just won't stop." Blair told me which made me giggle a bit. "I can't wait to see him." I said with a big smile. Blair handed me a backstage pass for the show as he was driving. "I was thinking that you go to the meet and greet at the end of the show. So try and be the last one in line if you can. I will film it for the vlog that they're filming today so they have extra content." Blair explained to me. "Sure thing." I said. My nerves were everywhere. I'm just so excited to see him. We got to the venue just in time for the show but I somehow had to hide myself from the roadies so they didn't shout my name. I put my backstage pass on as I walked in behind Blair. Blair told me to watch the show from the crowd so that's what I did but I have to hide myself from the roadies.

- - - - After the show - - - -

I managed to get to the back of the line like Blair said with a little help from him. I hole no one shouts out that I'm here. "Omg! Your Y/N. Brooklyn's girlfriend." A girl said from the line. I put my finger up to my mouth. "Shh. He doesn't know I'm here. It's a surprise." I said quietly. "Oh ok. That is so cute." She said with a smile. "Can I have a photo?" She asked nicely. "Of course. But don't post it till later if that's what you're going to do." I told her. She nodded her head. We took a photo together and shortly the line went down after time. It was soom nearly time for me to see the boys which made me even more nervous for some reason. The line got shorter and shorter and soon I got closer to them. It was now my turn in line to go see them. Brooklyn was talking to some fans standing by them on the other side but the others only noticed me as I came over. I walked over to them and gave them all hugs. Once I finished doing that, I walked over to Brooklyn and tapped him on his shoulder. He turned around and look at bit shocked to see me here.

It took Brooklyn a minute to take in that I'm actually here. He pulled me in for a hug and hugged me tight not wanting to let go. "H-how? You're actually here." He said surprised. "Surprise." I said with a giggle. "I missed you so much." Brooklyn mumbled into the crook of my neck. "So did I." I mumbled back. Andy, Mikey, Rye and Jack joined our hug to make it one big group hug. The fans that were still here saw it all and screamed. I really did miss them all but I missed Brooklyn like crazy. "I'm staying with you for the rest of tour." I added on. "Yay." Brooklyn said looking into my eyes. We shared a little moment before our lips soon touched. They fitted together perfect. Oh how I missed this moment.

A/n: hope you all enjoyed this. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, it's just that I've been busy with things like prom and sorting myself out ready for art college. Vote and comment.

QOTD: What is your favourite Roadtrip cover?

Mine has to be I'll be there ands it means a lot.

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