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"i saw what was in there" he says, sighing.

my heart quickens and my breaths start coming out heavy and jagged. please, no. nobody was meant to find this out! i rush out an excuse.

"ummm.. i-it i-is my b-baby brothers" i say, my voice shaky, tears pooling in my eyes.

please, believe me.

"oh, okay." he smiles, helping me up. but as my vision starts clearing up, i can see that his smile isn't genuine, and in the back of my head, i knew he knew.

"so. you can stay on the couch in my office for the rest of the day. the television is set up with netflix so you can watch what you want. i've got classes for the next few lessons, so i won't be in here." he says, leading me to the small office.

i look around, taking in the lovely place. the carpet was a dark grey color, and the walls were white. there were photos of him with different people, and some inspirational quotes were hung on the wall.

the couch was the same color as the carpet, but was covered in different patterned white cushions. the desk was probably the biggest thing in the room; it was about the length of the bed, with a comfortable looking chair behind it.

sat on top of it was a mac and obviously, office supplies. the television was above the desk on the wall, and it was just, amazing.

it smelt of cinnamon in here, which, coincidentally, is my favorite scent.

i wait for him to leave before placing my backpack on the couch and sitting next to it, grabbing the remote and putting on 'the bee movie.'

maybe i should let myself slip into little space just this once. he said he wouldn't be back for a few hours, so he wouldn't catch me.

i pulled my backpack onto my lap, deciding to just go ahead with it. he won't see me, i'll be careful.

i open it up, pulling out mr bear and my favorite pacifier. i then close it again, putting it beside the couch. i lay down comfortably on the couch, sucking on my pacifier and cuddling up with mr bear while watching the movie.

i soon start getting drowsy, and due to me being in little space, falling asleep was inevitable.


"tyler?" i feel someone shake me awake.

"wha." i frown, my eyes still closed.

"tyler. it's me, mr dun." i hear, and i immediately jump up, tears filling my eyes.

"nuh" i cry, pulling my paci from my mouth and shoving it and mr bear into my bag.

"gotsa go" i sob, pulling my backpack onto my back and leaving the class.

holy cow. what am i going to do now?

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