Chapter 3 - neon pizzeria

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Dad wasn't home.

I put my suitcase in the room that is now my new bedroom.
I have been here only once before, the day me, my mom and my brother helped my father with his new apartment no longer after he moved from New York.

My room was very simple, white walls, white furniture, white sheets on the bed... No posters, not any art on the wall or on the desk. My dad really cleared the room so I could make it mine.

It's on the bed that I ended up finding a note. It was small and I almost didn't see it. I opened it slowly and recognized my dad's handwriting. Wonky and almost impossible to read.

« Mao baby, I'll come back very late tonight so I let you money in the kitchen so you can go get a pizza down stairs at the neon pizzeria. I know you love the pizza here and Postmates are almost all creepy. I'll see you tomorrow morning. Love you. Dad. »

I smiled, put the letter in my pocket and went straight to the kitchen. I took the money and went for my coat. Then I took my phone that I left on the diner table earlier and made my way to the pizzeria.

Right when I stepped out of the apartment my phone vibrated. I looked at it and I saw that I just reserved a text from an unknown number that only said : « Hey, Mao ? »

" Yes, who is this ? » I replied.

Only a few seconds later my phone vibrated again and I waited not even a second before reading what the unknown number send me.

« It's Grayson, from the plane. I was scared you gave me a fake number aha »

I smiled and remembered I gave him my number back when we were on the plane.

« Oh hi Grayson ! Of course I gave you my real number » I replied.

We talked while I walked to the neon pizzeria.

He told me that him and Ethan dropped James at his place right after they dropped me, and that Bryant was staying at their place for the night because he has a flight for Miami to catch in the morning.
He told me that Ethan was very curious and asked many questions about me.

And I don't know why but knowing that made me miss a heartbeat.


I arrived at the pizzeria and right when I got there, I ordered my pizza and sat at one of the table.
In fact the pizzeria was almost empty because it was pretty late at night.

« What are you doing ? » Grayson asked me at one point.

I answered that I was at the pizzeria, eating.
He then asked me if we could met because he, Bryant and Ethan had not eaten yet. I looked around me and then I looked at my outfit. I wasn't good looking right now because my hair was a mess and I still have my wet shirt.
Unconsciously I was thinking about Ethan and what he may think about me.
But before I started thinking too much I said yes to Grayson and told him I was at the neon pizzeria.

Then I waited, nervous.

I asked myself if this was a good idea, if I should not better leave right now and finish eating my pizza at my father's apartment.
I thought about my appointment at the hospital tomorrow and that no matter how much I can have fun right now, the reality will always come back and ruin everything.

I watched through the window of the neon pizzeria at the same time a baby blue car pulled over in front of it.

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