The duchess of roses

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I am lying on a bed of rose petals, a multitude of different colors. There are red rose petals, white rose petals, pink rose petals, yellow and orange rose petals, fire and ice rose petals. They are a pillow and blanket of velvet underneath my body, so comfortable, so soft, so beautiful. They smelled absolutely divine, like the sweetest perfume any lady would desire to wear on her body

Who am I, you may be wondering? Well, I shall tell you my name is Dutch is Rosalie of Denmark, I am 19 years old, and married to the most wonderful man in the world. I have long strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and cream and rose complexion, strawberry pink lips, and a body that my husband cannot get enough of. I am kind, humble, and love to help those around me, especially those in my kingdom. I have been the duchess since I was 17, and I'm now expecting my second child.

My firstborn is my son, George. He is absolutely a handsome young boy, two years old, and a bit of a handful. But he is the sweetest little Duke you'll ever meet. He is the spitting image of my husband, Charles.

The child that I am carrying now is a girl, to my delight, and to Charles absolute joy. We shall now soon have one of each, an heir and an heiress.

A castle is held together by a wonderful staff of ladies in waiting, Butler's, footman, and valets. Each one of them as hard-working, never complaining at all, for any of our requests.

By this point, you might be asking yourself, is the duchess really lying on a bed of roses, out in the Gardens? Well, not exactly. I am lying on my bed, in my bed chamber, on top of a blanket of rose petals that Charles has placed strategically on the bedsheets, signifying that I am expecting once again. And that I am expecting a beautiful little Duchess. I am nearly 4 months pregnant, and no, deep in my heart, and by the symptoms I have been experiencing, but I am expecting a girl. The only problem is coming up with the perfect name for her.

The knock at my bed chamber door startles me a bit, and I rise slowly from my bed to go and open the door. Upon reveal, I smile as I say my lady in waiting, Charlotte, standing in the doorway, a platter of beautiful food in her hands.

Charlotte. Good morning, your grace. I do hope I am not disturbing you.

I smile sweetly at her, allowing her to come in. Of course not, Charlotte. I was just relaxing on my bed.

Charlotte smile's, placing the tray onto my bedside table. You have quite the blanket, my lady.

I giggle. Well, thanks to Charles, I finally have a blanket of roses. Speaking of Charles, how is he doing?

Charlotte. His grace is doing well, my lady. He wishes for me to inform you that he shall be by to visit you in about one hour, after his meeting. He was going to come a few minutes ago, but the prince of Persia came in, unannounced, as usual, and he got held up. He apologizes sincerely.

I smile, moving a few strands of loose hair away from my eyes. Thank you, Charlotte. Neither one of us particularly like the prince of Persia, if I may be so bold to say. And how is my little George this morning?

Charlottes eyes twinkle. Master George is doing very well, my lady. He is playing in the nursery with nurse Willow, as we speak.

My heart flies in my chest as I think of my son. Wonderful, thank you for informing me. I place my hand on my small baby bump.

Charlottes eyes follow my hand. Are you well this morning, your grace? How was our little princess?

I smile. Both of us are doing very well this morning, thank you. I sit back down carefully on the bed, and begin to eat the meal Charlotte has prepared for me.

Nodding with satisfaction at my response, Charlotte goes over to my closet, opens it, and takes out a dazzling gown of pale blue silk, complete with millions of pale blue crystals along the bodice and the skirt.

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