Quite Whispers

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Author: La744874

Genre: Poetry 

I think your story would gain lots of attention if the cover matched the story a bit more. I think the cover photo is pretty, but the font and color of the text makes the cover look more like a flyer than a poetry book. There are several talented cover artists on Wattpad who I'm sure would love to design a new cover for your story. This would help it gain the attention that it deserves!
I don't entirely understand the title. If it were titled "Quiet whispers," I could easily picture it being a poetry book, but I don't understand the meaning of "Quite Whispers." What is its significance? 

I noticed quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes within your poems, so be sure to proofread your works.
- In your first poem, you wrote "Thank to you all." I assume that you intended to write "Thanks to you all," which would properly fit the sentence. 
- In the poem "My Bloody Smile," I see that you wrote "Till your dead." This line could either have a typo or a grammar error, depending on what you meant to say. For example, you could have meant to say "Till your death," which would be a small typo, or you could have meant to write "Till you're dead," as in, "until you are dead." 
- In "A Part of Me," I again noticed the same error. You wrote "For your dead." Considering that you wrote "blaming myself" in the line before, I assume that you meant to write "for your death." Together, this would add up to "blaming myself for your death" rather than "your dead."
- In the poem "Just a Blur," you wrote "she was a stupid," rather than "she was stupid. 
- In "Alpha and Luna," a line says "It break my heart." This poem is written in past tense, and the word "break" doesn't fit with the tense of the rest of the writing. To make the word agree, you would need to change it to "broke." 

I think each of the poems are touching in their own ways, and they all maintain a common theme. Each of the poems seem to be about sadness or heartbreak, but they are all unique. I particularly like how the poems are written in free verse and they do not follow any rhyme schemes. Each of the lines fit together and create a moving piece.

*Analysis is based on the first 10 poems 

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