Chapter 2 - a ride home

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I can't sleep.

I have never been able to sleep in a plane or in a car or nothing like that, I don't know why.

But right now I'd give anything I have to sleep and forget the fact that the boy next to me is snoring like a cow. And I don't even know if a cow snores but he is so loud and it's getting on my nerves.

"Hey." I said to him so hopefully he would wake up.

And he did. Thank God.

He looked at me with is tired eyes.

"What ?" He asked.
"You are snoring very loud and the plane is going to land in a minute." I said.
"Oh okay, sorry."

I smiled shyly to him and looked down at my hands.

"I'm Grayson by the way. And this guy over here," he said pointing his twin brother, "its Ethan, my brother."

"Mao," I replied, introducing myself.
"Nice to meet you."
"Same here."
"So, why are you going to LA ?" He asked me.
"Hum, I'm moving here actually. What about you ?"
"Oh great ! I live there !"

We talked the rest of the flight. He is pretty nice and funny. He told me we should hang out sometimes in LA and he also gave me his number.
I'm confused, its the first time I'm feeling comfortable around someone. It's like I'm not scared to say what I think and be my weird self.

Grayson talks a lot.
He talks about his hometown in New Jersey, which he loves so much, he talks about his YouTube Channel, but mostly he talks about his family and friends, especially his twin brother Ethan.

By what I heard from Grayson, they are very close and tell each other everything.

I can see stars in his eyes when he talks about him and with everythings he said I'm beginning to think that Ethan is the most perfect human being on earth.

I wish I could say as many things about by own brother, but with everything that happened in my life, I barely know him.


When the plane landed, the four boys waited that everybody went out first. Very gentleman guys over here.
Grayson also told me about them.

The one with the camera is Bryant and he is a photographer, I was right about that. Apparently he is very cool and chill, Grayson loves him very much, that's for sure.

The other one is James and he as a YouTube channel like the twins. He do makeup but I don't know much more about him. Grayson just told me the basics but I feel like he loves James very much as well.


When we reached the airport the guys walked to a big black car which seemed to be Ethan's.

Grayson walked next to me.

"So how do you go home? Is your father going to get you ?" He asked.
"Hum actually I was going to walk because my father is working and I don't have any money for an Uber."
"Come one come with us, we can drop you at your place." He offered me.
"No, really its okay, I'll walk." I smiled to him, taking my suitcase.
"You sure ?"
"Okay then. See you later Mao !" He said with a big smile.

He then walked to the car and I waved him goodbye.


I just started walking when it started raining. My dad's apartment is so far I'm never going to make it.

Why did I said no to Grayson ?

I continued walking through the rain anyway and I was completely soaked by now.

Thats when a car pulled over next to me.

I was scared at first but then I noticed Ethan in the front seat with Grayson next to him.

"Want a ride home maybe ?" Grayson asked.

I laughed and nodded. Bryant got out of the car to help me with my suitcase and then I sat beside him.

"Thank you," I said when I finally closed the door.
"No problem." Ethan said. "We saw it started raining and we couldn't just let you here walking," he said laughing.

Ethan actually seems pretty cool, Grayson wasn't lying.

"So where do we have to drop you ?" Grayson asked.
"You know that pizzeria with the blue neons lights ?"
"Yeah ?"
"Well it's in that street."
"Is it good for you ?" Grayson asked Ethan.

He nodded.

The rest of the car ride was quiet, everyone was tired from the flight.

I was watching through the window at first, but then my eyes landed on Ethan who was driving.
He was very concentrated on the road and I happened to find that cute. I'm not going to lie he is not the best driver in the world but he seems to enjoy driving, so it't okay.

Kind of...

Soon everybody was sleeping. I could hear Grayson's snores and I laughed a little. He is so loud, always, even when he is passed out.

"He always snores so loud, I'm sorry, it's so annoying." Ethan said looking at me in the inner rear mirror.
"Yeah I had to wake him up while we were on the plane earlier."

Ethan smiled at me.

He truly has a wonderful smile.

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