Flatter Me

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***Tyga’s POV***

Wayne can’t stop laughing, and I can’t either. Wayne told Twist to go get him some water, and on the way Twist slipped and fell right on his face.

“Boy, I said get me some water. Not smash your face on my floor!” Wayne says laughing. We’re at his huge house in Miami, just counting money and shooting dice and cracking jokes—just the way I like it.

When we’re done laughing, Twist hands Wayne the water and says: “That ain’t funny, man. That hurt.” It only makes us laugh more. But after a while, I can’t laugh, because I can see the texts Blac Chyna’s sending me, begging me to call her. I can’t answer those texts—not when I’m trying to figure out a way to win Jaydi back.

I’ve been sitting here with Lil Twist and Lil Wayne, trying to think of something that will make Jaydi love me again without them noticing that I’m distracted. But I’ve come up with nothing. Everything that I can think of, I’ve done already. But I just can’t except that it’s over.

I ain’t giving up so easy.

“Yo, this ain’t got no ice man.” Wayne says to Twist. Twist shoots him a playful look, as if to say ‘I ain’t getting up again’. We sit there and Twist offers to play dominos with me, but I shake my head. I’m too busy thinking to play a game right now.

Suddenly, Wayne turns to me and asks me: “What’s your problem Tyga?”

I fell in love with a girl, which I promised myself I wouldn’t do, I cheated on that girl, which I promised myself I wouldn’t do, the girl I cheated with wants more of me, and the girl I fell in love with won’t take me back.

I know I can’t say this to Wayne, though. He’ll just give me some jacked-up advice that I know I can’t take.

“I’m just tired.” I mumble finally. Then Wayne gives me that look, the ‘I know you’re lying to me’ look. Twist is staring at both of us, waiting for a big show to happen to he can watch and go gossip to Lil Chuckee. They’re so tight, it’s annoying.

“It’s that girl, ain’t it? That Jade girl?” He asks.

“It’s Jaydi.” I snap back. I don’t know why, but I feel like the more I defend Jaydi the miore she’ll want to take me back, even if she’s not here to see it.

“Alright; what’s up with you and her? You ain’t been talking about her as much as you usually do.” Wayne says. I just shrug. “Look, it’s not my business, but if anything’s wrong in y’all relationship, you need to give her something. Go to the mall, buy her something special, go to her hotel, give her a long, dramatic speech, and then hand her the gift. You’ll get her back.”

Surprisingly, I hadn’t thought of buying her something. But even if Wayne suggested that, I won’t buy her something. He gave me a way better idea without even realizing it.

After I left the recording studio, I felt good. It felt like I’d splashed cold water on my face, and I woke myself up. I felt happy after a long time, knowing that I had saved the day.

Everything was going to be okay.

It was the fastest I ever wrote a song. It was probably the best song I ever wrote, too. I remember telling Jaydi that I didn’t like my music; some rappers rap just like I do, but they have a couple deep songs. I had none—at least until now.

“Why you smiling so much?” A guy that worked in my studio asked. I didn’t respond; I was too happy. I knew it was going to happen later on tonight. The news would pop up, and everyone would listen to the song that I dedicated to Jaydi.

I would win my baby back.

***Jaydi’s POV***

“Well if I were you, I would’ve taken him back in a minute.” Dana was saying as we munched on microwave popcorn in Travie’s hotel room. Travie was here with us, eating our popcorn too.

“He doesn’t deserve me back.” I say sternly. I was tired of her telling me that I should’ve taken T back. What I did was my decision, and none of her business.

 We continue eating in silence, when suddenly someone calls Travie’s phone.

“Hello?” He says. There’s a pause. “What channel?” Travie says again. “Channel eleven?” He gestures for us to change the channel to channel eleven. T is on the news.

“First he has a girlfriend, and then he breaks up with her. And now he’s making a love song, that’s not about making love? Tyga is full of surprises!” The news man is saying. He’s the same newsman that said he didn’t think T and I would last.

They show T; he’s being interviewed.

“So what was this song about?” The news lady asks. T smiles a big smile.

“It’s about love—it’s telling people that listen to it that no matter what problems you have in a relationship, you have to try to get past those problems. Because if you don’t…you’ll end up losing your loved one for good.” When T says those last words, he looks away and his eyes get glossy.

“It’s a very heart-felt song. Is it dedicated to anyone?” The news woman asks him.

He looks into the camera and it zooms in on him. “This song is called Love Game. Every single word of that song goes out to Jaydi Campbell, the love of my life, the apple of my eye, and my everything. I love you, girl, and I hope you enjoy this song.”

Then a slow song starts to play. I instantly fall in love with the song, its rhythm, its lyrics…everything about the song just reminds you of the word love.  

The days go by,

We argue all the time,

I want to make it right,

But that was last night

Baby we gon’ be ight…

When the song’s done, Dana is giving me an ‘I told you so’ look. I try not to look at her, but I know what she’s thinking. It’s the same thing I’m thinking—I can’t turn him down now.

The tower of anger I built is falling. It’s crashing—King Kong came and knocked it down. I’m falling and falling, and soon I’m on the ground. But a new tower builds; even though I don’t want it to build, it does. That’s how forceful this tower is. I’m at the top of the new tower, and T is standing right beside me. This is the most powerful tower one can build.

This is the tower of love.

Author’s Note: You can go on www.youtube.com and type in ‘Love Game Tyga’ and listen to the song that Tyga dedicated to Jaydi in this chapter. Hope you liked it, and more to come soon!

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