Chapter 1 - new life

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The plane was late.

Dad told me it happens often and I just have to be patient. But see, I'm not really a patient kind of person.

My back hurts, my leg hurt, and right now all I want is to sit in the plane and rest for a good amount of time.

I looked around ans noticed four guys waiting as well. They must be around my age and they were all on their phone, except that one in the middle who was checking his camera.
I wondered if he was a photographer or something like that, on his way to a shooting in LA.
The four seemed to be pretty tired and impatient for that plane to come, they were so different one another that it interested me so much, I don't know why.

Even if the two tall one seemed to be twins, they were so different.

One of them was talking with the last member of the group, he was talking loud and he smiled a lot. He was tall and muscular and it was obvious that he wasn't ashamed of taking all the place. He was sat with his legs apart, letting not much room for the guy next to him. He was making gestures with his arms, almost knocking out his brother by the same occasion. I also noticed he had a dangling earring, but I couldn't see what it represented, I was too far.
The other twin on the other hand was on his phone, very quiet and calm, he had dark hair and a pair of beautiful hazel eyes which were a little bit darker than the other twin. He was as tall and muscular as the other but he wasn't taking all the place, it was as if he wanted to make himself smaller and make himself not noticeable.
Suddenly he lifted his head and his gaze crossed mine. I looked away immediately, realising that I was staring and for sure looked like a creep.

I started feeling my cheeks becoming red. I always had this annoying habit to blush every two seconds for no reason, and apparently today there was no exception.
I saw him talk to his brother, and the second later, his brother, the dangling earring one, was staring at me.
That was very embarrassing and I suddenly felt very insecure, god, why does this plane had to be so late... 

Just as I was thinking that, they announced the plane. Everybody stood up and so did I.
I grabbed my bag and waited behind an old lady. Honestly it was the first time I was taking the plane alone and I was very nervous.

My name is Mao.
I am 17 years old and I live in New York city with my mom and my little brother.

I mean, I lived in New York city...

Right now I'm on my way to Los Angeles where my dad lives. And it'll be my home for the rest of my life I presume.
My mom can't take care of me anymore. With my brother growing up and having his own problems she can't handle mine, and I don't blame her.

When I was 11, I was diagnosed with AML, Acute Myeloid Leukemia. AML is a fast-growing form of cancer of the blood and bone marrow. So basically, I have leukemia.
I have a treatment, but recently, it didn't works as well as it used to, and the cancer is growing very fast.

I know I could stay in New York and continue on my daily routine, but mom is getting tired and I need changes. I need to figure out my life and I just need to live, for real.
That's why I'm on that plane today, on my way to my father's apartment in Los Angeles.

It's a new life beginning today.


"Sorry." I heard someone tell me as I just sat at my place in the plane. I looked up and it was that guy from earlier, the one with the dangling earring.

"Yeah ?" I asked.
"That's my place," he said pointing the seat next to me.

I froze.

Slowly, I get out of my seat to let him pass.

"Thank you." He said, smiling at me.

But I only stared at my feet and nodded.

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