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As much as I loved spending time with the boys, I had missed being around girls. We spent the next month fixing the boys clothes and gossiping. Samantha and Harry continued to flirt shamelessly via text message, but she promised us that she hadn't slept with him since June.

 "But I might break the Styles fast soon," she commented. "It's hard to find a good boy toy when you're on the road all the time, and it's our last show."  

I just shook my head, amazed that she was so blatantly using Harry for sex. "Amazing. You're sleeping with one of the most sought- after men on the planet, and you still only want him for sex. I'm impressed, Sam."  

Zayn Malik: How's the sewing going?  

Gemme Carlisle: All done. Just gossiping with girls.

 Zayn Malik: Anything interesting?  

Gemma Carlisle: Wouldn't you like to know :) What are you guys doing?  

Zayn Malik: We're bored out of our minds. Harry is practically asleep  


Zayn Malik: Make me ;)    

"Tom, we're ahead of schedule, right?" I called up to the bus driver, grinning mischievously. 

"By about half an hour, why?" He called back. 

I ran up to him and explained my plan while Samantha and Katie listened in. "You girls are trouble," he chuckled. "I'm in."

We cheered as he pulled over. I looked out the window as the boys bus pulled over behind us. Management's bus raced onward since they had been ahead of us. I reached into the cabinet and handed each girl two cans of silly string, being sure to grab cans of my own. As the bus driver from their bus stepped outside to see what the problem was we came sprinting out and rushed past him into onto the bus. We yelled and screamed, covering the boys from head to toe with silly string. 

"Ahhhhhh!" Harry screeched as Katie assaulted him with the string, snapping him to attention. 

They all ran around, trying to avoid our attack. Only Niall had the sense to go into their own supply and pull out a can, attacking us in return. The war raged on for a good five minutes before we all collapsed onto the couches, laughing. Rather than return to our own bus, we decided to just stay with the boys for the remaining half an hour of the drive.

"That was not exactly what I had in mind when I told you to wake us up," Zayn chuckled into my ear. 

"I know what you had in mind," I smirked. "But this was way more fun!" Suddenly I felt a distinct nudge from inside my belly. I gasped and my hand flew to rest on my belly. 

"What's wrong?" Zayn asked immediately. When I felt another nudge, I grabbed his hand and pressed it against my tummy. "WHOA!" He yelled when he felt the kick. "Holy shit, Gemma. There are babies in there!"

I laughed, happy tears threatening to spill from my eyes. "There are babies in there," I repeated. "Our babies." I looked to Zayn to see that he was crying quietly to himself. He took my face in his and gave me a passionate kiss. 

"Easy there you two! You don't need to make a triplet!" Louis said loudly.

We broke away, laughing, both of our eyes still watery. "What's wrong?" Liam asked the moment he saw our tears.

"Nothing is wrong. They just kicked for the first time," I replied, unable to make myself stop crying. 

"I WANT TO FEEL!" Everyone was scrambling to get over to me, but Zayn shielded me. 

"Calm down! I'm sure Gemma doesn't want everyone touching her stomach," he yelled. 

"I don't mind," I said quickly. "But how about one at a time? Not a group tackle."

Now that they had started, the twins didn't seem to want to stop kicking. They kept it up for the better part of an hour and everyone got a chance to feel. Zayn refused to leave my side, even when we arrived at the hotel. When we walked into the lobby Michelle came to yell at us for our silly string fight.

"We didn't know what the hell was going on! Next time you do something like that, you have to warn us! We thought your bus was actually broken," she yelled.

Zayn took her hand and yanked her to feel my stomach. "Oh!" She giggled when she felt a particularly large kick. "It's the last show anyway. No harm, no foul! I've got to say I'm impressed you two have managed to keep this under wraps."

Zayn winked at her and escorted me to my hotel room. "She's secretly excited. Must be part of a girl's DNA to get happy when they feel a baby kick," he laughed. "Tonight will be fun. Even if you won't tell me your secret prank."

"It wouldn't be secret if I told it to you!" I teased.

"I won't tell the other boys. Scout's honor!" He held up his hand and looked at me sincerely.

"Nice try! But no. I'll see you in a couple hours at the venue!" I pressed a quick kiss to his cheek then darted into my room. For the next two hours every time the babies kicked I couldn't help but giggle. I was sure in a week or two it would cease to be delightful and become more annoying, but for now it was the greatest thing I'd ever experienced.

Hi guys. Sorry this wasn't my best, but I wanted to get to the end of the tour so we could get to some pranking. What did you think about the babies kicking? And what is Zayn planning?? ;) You'll see soon enough! 

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