Chapter One

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I'm Hermione Malfoy. My cousin, Draco, and I are in Diagon Alley buying our school supplies. "Dad, why can't I get a Nimbus 2000?" I hear Draco asking, in a whinny tone of voice to Uncle Lucius.

"First years aren't allowed broomsticks, and you know that," Uncle Lucius argued.


"No ifs, buts or maybes," retorted Uncle Lucius.

I can't wait to arrive at Hogwarts, even though the school is filled with Mudbloods. The Sorting Hat is bound to put me in Slytherin, I have the purest blood in the Wizarding world. My parents, Tom Riddle and Bellatrix Black, are unable to raise me anymore, so I've been given to the Malfoys. Father is The Lord Voldemort, who disappeared as soon as that half-blood, Harry Potter nearly died. People say that Father is dead, but I do not believe such a thing. How could Father possibly die? Then, there's Mother. She's in Azkaban, for supposedly committing the crime of driving Alice and Frank Longbottom to insanity, but Mother is such a nice, caring person, so that's nonsense as well.

So I have been sent to the Malfoy Manor, which I am grateful for, because Father was sent to an orphanage after his parents died. A Muggle orphanage! Can you believe it? I swear, Father would have had to wash his clothes himself, and do it 3 times over, because of the filth lurking around the orphanage.

The only problem with Hogwarts, is the reason the school is filled with Mudbloods. Albus I-Know-Everything Dumbledore. He is a savage, Muggle-loving, brainless, idiotic wizard. Well, if you could call him a wizard, he loves Muggles so much, he may as be one himself.

I would have gone to Durmstrang, where Mudbloods and anything Muggle related are not permitted, and they learn real spells, such as attacking spells and real defence, no some puny theoretical classes. Aunt Narcissa and Uncle Lucius changed their mind about the school Draco and I were going, because Aunt Cissy was worried about us being so far from home. Even though they are not my biological parents, they still treat me as their own. Just as if I were Draco's sister, and Aunt Cissy was able to reproduce more. Except she became infertile, due to the treatment she was receiving for her Scrofungulus.

Poor Mother though, being holed up in a stinky, damp prison with soul-sucking Dementors as guards, and her traitorous cousin as a cellmate. Sirius Black, her cousin, was the only Black family member to be sorted into Gryffindor, so he betrayed Father and befriended James Potter, and the werewolf, Remus Lupin.

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