Wings ~A Maximum Ride Fan Fiction~ *Prologue*

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I stared at her, extremely awestruck. I didn't need these glasses to tell how beautiful she was. My collegues around me nodded at her, satisfied with their work. Their creation.

It was done. We were finally done. After all these years, we did it and it was perfect. I sighed in sweet victory. The rest of the scientists turned on their heels and left the white room to prepare to let her out.

I shook in excitement and impatience. I finally got to meet her. After working so hard to create her, I got to meet her. Well, I didn't exactly create her. I helped though. A lot. I felt a bit of ownership towards her, like a child towards their favorite toy, even though she was only a couple of years younger then me.

I couldn't help feeling this much joy. She looked perfect.

Especially her wings.

They were a snowy white with bold gray speckles. I could tell by now that she would be great at flying, her wings were perfect. Her body was also built for it. I smiled. admiring my work.

The scientists came back and began to work on opening her tank. The tank stood seven feet tall against the wall and was filled with a clear, light green mixture. I tapped my foot. I wasn't a patient person, after waiting this long for her to be done.

I suddently grew a little nervous. How would I act around her? As a friend? Or as a superior? My heart pounded as one of the scientists placed his hands on the tank.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open. I gasped. They were full of fury. Everyone stepped back. Oh no. What's going on?!

My arms rose frantically to cover myself from the shattering glass. I stared in horror at the sound of glass flying everywhere and the green liquid covering the floor.

My heart seemed to stop as she stepped from the cage cautiously. Staring around alertly, she searched for an escape route. No! She can't! It will ruin everything! NO!!!!!

I lunged at her but fell short as she ran as fast as lightning. She didn't know how to fly yet, but no one could catch her now. And just like that, my biggest dream was gone.

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