When someone passed by

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An unnamed man was walking by Furry Smiles Animal Hospital. He went past this place frequently as it was close to his apartment, but he never bothered to look inside. Yet, something, or rather someone caught his eye that night.

"It's him," he said to himself, noticing the blonde guy organizing the shelves of pet food on the wall.

He remembered him from last Sunday at the café. The guy had ordered the exact same thing as Lyn always did. The more the unnamed man thought about that moment, the less he could brush it off as mere coincidence.

Then, he saw the hospital worker casually tuck his hair behind an ear, and that gesture alone reminded him so much of her.

The unnamed man was aware Lyn had a younger brother. However, from the one picture he had seen of him, he could confirm the person he was watching and her brother were two separate people. Even though it made no sense, the man had a gut feeling this guy had some sort of connection to Lyn. He thought about entering the hospital to talk to him, but as if fate was telling him no, the worker got called by his boss and was soon out of sight.

The man realized how bad of an idea talking to him could've been. Perhaps everything was just a coincidence and he was overthinking this too much. He was simply too tired from all the lack of sleep these days and his mind was trying to put meaning into meaningless things.

He sighed, silently continuing his way home. 

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