7 - The Bathtub : Part 3

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After a few minutes of having my eyes closes the car came to a stop. I opened my eyes and saw the school gym right in front of us. I sigh a little as we all pile out the car. We stand waiting as Hopper and everyone else get's out of his car and come around to us.

"Alright, here's what we need to do, I'll go and get the Salt, you three" Hopper says as he points to Dustin, Lucas and I "Set up the pool, Wheelers go get the hoses, And Joyce go help Eleven" Hopper being the head of all this. Everyone nods as they go to do what they were told. 

Mom opens the trunk for us as Dustin and Lucas pull out the pool, she then hugs me and whispers to me that it all will be okay. I nod my head as she lets go and take's Eleven towards the school to try and find what she needs. The Wheelers walk off behind the Gym to find hoses while Hopper and Jonathan walk off in that direction as well.

After a few minutes of rolling the pool into the gym it was time to set it up, It was seeming difficult. Dustin on one side, Lucas on a another side and I on the other. We all try and hold it up but, it keeps falling down. A few curses were said by Dustin and after struggling and struggling the Wheelers entered the Gym with a wheelbarrow, inside having two hoses.

"Maybe we need to start filling it up before it can stand" I say out loud to the boys, they just nod their head. Nancy sets down the hoses and then drags the ends of them over to the taps. Mike holds the front of the hoses as we hold up the pool. Water starts pouring out as we wait.

"Do you really think Eleven can find him?" Lucas asks out of now where. I look up to him as he stares into the shallow pool.

"I believe so" I say to him, he looks up at me with a half smile, and I smile back.

"I know she will find him Gabbie" Mike says a bit louder. I look over to him and he's just staring at Lucas then looks back at the hoses in front of him. Something is up with Mike.

After the pool was able to hold it's own weight and we were able to let go Lucas got a thermometer and dipped it in the water as it was still running. We had to make sure the temperature was right right.

"Colder" Lucas yells to Nancy from across the gym, More water starts coming from one hoses as Lucas checks the meter again.

"Warmer" He yells again as the other hoses then starts to match with its counter part. Lucas looks one more time before yelling 'right there'. Hopper and Jonathan walk in the gym with wooden carts which are full of bags of salt. they bring it over to the pool and hey start dumping it in. As they do that mom and Eleven walkie the room, Eleven holding what seems to be goggles with duct tape on them, and mom seems to be pushing in a cart with the walkie talking on top of it, I guess that's how we're contacting Will.

After the pool seemed to be full enough Nancy stopped the water and came over to join us. Hopper and Jonathan stopped with the salt as Dustin grabbed from eggs off the cart, he kneels next to the pool as the kids gather around him. He drops in the egg and it sinks, we all sigh as Hopper and Jonathan continue to pour in more salt. 

After 10 more bags Dustin tries again but this time it floats on the surface. Dustin smiles to himself as we all smile at him proud of what he's done, We all pat his shoulder as Mike goes over to the cart and sets up the walkie talkie. This was it. It was going to happen.

We all sit around the pool as Eleven stands there looking at it in fear. She takes off her socks and takes off Mike's Watch and hands it to him. Mom hands her her goggles, Eleven puts them on and sighs.  Mom and Mike sit down around the pool. Mom sat down next to Hopper as they helped her in the pool. Mike sat down next to me as we watched her.

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