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"When we get back we'll sit down the boys' girlfriends and get the dish on what it's like to date a member of One Direction," Carrie, the show's host, said. Her and her co-host, Michael, walked over to wear Danielle, Eleanor and I were sitting. "We'll start again in a couple minutes, you girls ready?"

Eleanor nodded nervously, but Danielle smiled. "Absolutely. Do you want us already seated, or shall we walk on?"

"We'll call you in," Bill said. "You can sit wherever there's space." Him and Carrie walked back to their seats, chatting with Louis and Niall.

"Try to say something embarrassing," Harry called from the couch. 

Liam and Zayn were on him in an instant, whacking him with the couch cushions and tickling him. "Don't listen to him," Liam said loudly.

"Oh this will be fun," Danielle smiled, clapping her hands.

"Speak for yourself," I grumbled. "I don't like being in front of the camera. I'm scared I'm going to say something I shouldn't." 

"They're not going to ask you about the baby," Eleanor said dismissively. 

"Baby?" Danielle exclaimed. "What?"

"Didn't Liam tell you?" Eleanor asked, frowning. "Whoops. Gemma's eggo is preggo with twins."

"Gemma, that's great! Congratulations!" She said, hugging me. 

"And we're back with One Direction. So the boys' girlfriends are right off stage. What do you think, guys, should we bring them out?" Carrie asked the audience. They all cheered loudly and we took that as our cue to enter. 

Danielle took the lead, and I followed with Eleanor in back. "There they are!" Bill said as we entered the stage.

Danielle sat beside Liam, and Eleanor took a seat on an empty chair near Louis. I hesitated for a brief second, which I instantly regretted because Zayn pulled me onto his lap. I felt my cheeks go crimson as the audience cheered and wolf- whistled. 

"So, we thought we'd start by just asking how you all met each other," Carrie opened. 

"Well, I was a dancer on X Factor when the boys were there," Daniele said.

"We met through Harry actually," Eleanor continued. "We were all at a party, and I had been chatting with Harry when he thought it was a good idea to introduce me to Louis."

"Best idea Harry's ever had," Louis said affectionately. The audience gave a predictable aw as the two of them joined hands. "And Miss Gemma here is our stylist," he added, patting my knee.

"And I snatched her up before Harry or Niall could," Zayn added proudly. 

"And how long have you two been together?" Bill asked.

"Almost three months now," I replied, smiling. 

"So you really did get together right away didn't you?" Carrie laughed. "And here you were letting us think you were single until the beginning of July. Shame on you, Zayn. Getting everyone's hopes up."

Zayn grinned goofily. "Well I had to make sure she wasn't going to ditch me first!"

"So how do you manage to stay in such strong relationships when you're on the road all the time?" Bill asked. 

"Well, obviously for me it's not very challenging since Gemma is with us all the time," Zayn answered.

"It's hard," Liam said, "but we just try our hardest to stay close. We Skype almost every day, and we come home every time we've got a break."

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