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  • Dedicated to Alexis Rasmussen

Life that ends before it's time,

Blasphemy to you and me.

No evilness or wicked crimes,

We'll never know what she could be.

All the pain that this has caused,

To so many she was loved.

Wrap our bleeding hearts with gauze,

She's looking down from above.

Hold her in your heart,

That loving memory.

We will play our cherished parts,

Keep her alive in you and me.

When she was here,

Seconds burned by.

No unrequited fear,

That we'd have to say goodbye.

But now we all look back,

And want her unhidden.

We want her to come back,

So we can say what we didn't.

So we can tell her what she means,

How our hearts have turned so green,

From the tragedy we've seen.

She won't come back,

So keep her with you.

Don't let her slip through the cracks,

Know that her spirit flew.

The pain we feel,

Will help us to grow


There's now an angel in heaven,

That we all know...

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