Husk x Reader Part 2

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Husk peaked his head through the kitchen doors where Y/n was washing the dishes. There were a few other demons there as well, most of them didn't pay him any mind to him, just a quick glance before continuing there work. He was going to have to wait until they leave before he could tell her. He was blushing madly, so he stood up straight, inhaled deeply and let out a sigh. He was ready to do this.

Walking over to the female demon, he gave her a light tap on her shoulder to grab her attention, her big E/c hues looked at him curiously.

"Is there something you need Husk?" She asked, raising an eyebrow, he usually only comes into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat.

"Um yes...I-I need to tell you has to be between you" he replied, his voice trailing off slightly. He was heating up, he felt like he could throw up.

"Oh,, is it ok if I finish this first?" She asked, tilting her head towards the dirty dishes in the soapy water. Husk nodded and watched her for a second before grabbing a dry towel to help dry the clean dishes. Y/n was about decline, but shut her mouth before she even spoke, she knew that he would just do it anyway.

After the first few dishes, the other demons started to leave the kitchen, the bar must be closing soon. They only had twenty more dishes to go, time seemed to be flying fast, throughout the the calming silence, Husk was mentally rehearsing his lines, he can't mess this up. He dried up the last dish and placed it neatly where the others were, carelessly tossing the towel somewhere in the kitchen. Y/n took off her apron and folded neatly before storing it away. She turned to Husk, "so what is it that you wanted to tell me?"

Husk opened his mouth but just before he was about to speak, he saw Angel and Mimzy through the door, giving him a thumbs up, wide smug grins plastered on their faces. He glared daggers at them, they weren't going to make this easy for him. Y/n noticed his gaze and followed it, but he quickly grabbed her shoulder to get her attention back.

"You know look tired...I'll take you to your room," he said, ushering her out of the kitchen and leading her to her hotel room.

"But Husk weren't you going to tell me something?"

"It's not that important."

He continued to push her towards her room, looking back over towards Angel and Mimzy, who were watching with confused faces. He glared at them one last time before continuing down the hall ways. They were right in front of her room, but Y/n stopped in front Husk and furrowed her eyebrows, she was starting to get annoyed.

"What has gotten into you?" She snapped, "you've been like this for awhile now, is there something wrong?"

"No! I doesn't matter!"

"Why do you always do this?!"

He didn't reply.

"You say you want to tell me something, but then you tell me to forget all about it!"

Still no response from the male.

"'It doesn't matter' or 'it's not important' that's what you always say!"

Husk places his paws over his large ears, trying to block out her voice, he just can't do it.

"Don't you trust that it!?"

He growled.

"Just tell me!"

"I LOVE YOU!!" He roared back, his voice echoing down the hallway slightly. Y/n let out a small squeak out of shock from the tone of his voice, but she fell silent, shock by his words.

An awkward silence hung in the air, tension so thick you could probably cut it. Husks face flushed from realisation, did he really just say it. No. He screamed it right in her face. He groaned and face palmed, he really fucked up this time.

Y/n just stood there awkwardly, stumbling over her own words. "D-do you really mean it?"

He hesitated, but he replied, softly, "...yes...I have for a long time...and I wanted to tell you...I really did...but I'm a fucking coward. I know I should have told you sooner, but instead I sat on my ass wondering if I was good enough for you..." he finally said what needed to be said. And he just wanted die all over again.

Y/n stared at him with wide eyes as he stared down at the floor, she could see small tears start to brim in his eyes. Y/n moved her hand to brush against his soft paws, causing the male to look up, he was shocked to see a small smile on her face.

" just made me the happiest demon here!" Wait, what! She was happy, but how? "All this time you thought that you weren't good enough for me, and I was thinking if I was ever going to be good enough for you..."

And if that didn't shock him enough, she grabbed his fluffy cheeks and kissed him softly. His eyes widened about the size of dinner plates, but he swiftly melted into the kiss and rested his paw on the back of her skull. It was a sweet kiss, careful as though it was the most delicate piece of glass, afraid that even the smallest hint of force could break it.

The two demons broke their loving kiss, but the sensation still lingered on their lips. And for the very first time, Husk had a huge, goofy smile plastered across his face, it made the Y/n grin and wrap her arms over his furry shoulders. After he managed to get his head out of his daydream state, he instantly wrapped his arms around her waist and they both just stood their, happy to be in each other's arms.

"So...what do we do now?" Husk asked, finally breaking the serene silence.

This put a mischievous grin on the females face as she opened the door. Husk looked at her curiously, but when he saw her wide grin and seducing eyes, he knew what comes next.

"I think you know what we do now..." she chuckled as she pulled him in her room, closing and locking the door behind them.

Early morning air filled the cozy room as the two demons slept peacefully in bed together, their bodies pressed together, Husks tail was wrapped protectively around her left leg, while Y/n had her arms wrapped around his waist. Y/n was the first to wake, her head was resting on the soft, fuzzy chest of her lover. She smiled as the memories of last night came flooding back, she smiled happily as she lightly nuzzled deeper into his chest, she giggled upon hearing a low purr come from Husks chest.

Grumbling, the cat demon slowly opened his eyes, the first sight he saw was his beautiful lover, her naked form tangled in the sheets, her hair tousled, but her eyes were bright and welcoming. He planted a light kiss on her fore head.

"Morning beautiful..."

"Good morning..." she fell quiet for a bit before she began to speak again. "I have to get up..."


"Because, I have a job to do..."

"Let someone else do it," he mumbled as he nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck.

"You know what Charlie is like if I don't do my job, she'll get really bitchy with me later..."

Husk only grumbled, tightening his grip on his lover so she wouldn't try to leave. Y/n sighed, she wasn't going to bother to even try to get up now, too tired and too sore, she rested her head back on Husks chest, closing her eyes and falling asleep again.

Authors Note:
Well, that's the second part of Husk x Reader for all of you. I actually really enjoyed doing this one shot, it made me dig a little deeper into the character of Husk, since I don't now much about about the characters of the Hazbin Hotel so its just a matter of winging it. 😂
I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the one shot and the next one will be an Angel x Reader.

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