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"So you all will be going through the basics of being a U13-U14 coach to get certified then earn your team and players. We would first like to clear up some things with your name and age through attendance making sure you are all high school graduates."

Hearing these words at long last is like music to my ears. I've been waiting to get a spot in the selective coach classes when most people should get in at age eighteen, I'm twenty. Waiting two years is a long time to me when it comes to the field.

"Please stand up when you hear your name called and state your age and whether you want a boys or girls team," the old looking woman says. She looks down to her clipboard and places her glasses that were once dangling off her neck onto the bridge of her nose, "Benjamin Luebke?" A boy with light brown ginger that has been cut into a buzz and strong features gets up out of the chair he was assigned to. He looks around before he clears his throat,

"It's Ben," he corrected, "I'm twenty and looking for a boys team to coach." His voice is high and deep and the same time which I find highly attractive in any guy. Our eyes meet for a moment as he glances around the room and they are a striking green color. He winks and looks back to the front of the room.

"Welcome Ben," the woman smiles and looks back down at the clip board. She continues reading peoples names out but I zone out while replaying Bens wink in my head, "Rachel Williams?"

I rise from my seat in a shocked state, "yeah hi um, I'm twenty looking for a boys team to coach this season," I catch a few of the girls snicker hearing I want a boys team instead of girls but I have good reasons after all. I look back at Ben and I seem to have caught his attention because a wicked grin is plastered across his face but his eyes are still on the woman in front.

"You say boys team? Did I hear you correctly Miss Williams?" She asks in a alarmed tone.

I hear one of the chairs creek signaling someone standing up I look back to see Ben, the incredibly handsome hunk of man might I add, standing straight up and clearing his throat, "the lady said she wants to coach a boys team. It's not like it's brain surgery. It's not complicated. Not a big deal," he says in a deep but serious voice. But I could sense the hidden sarcasm as he said it.

"It's settled then. Please take a seat, the instructor will be here any moment but after I say a few things," she pauses, walks over to a desk in the middle of the room and grabs a piece of paper as I take my seat again.

"First off, this is a one day certification. You will be learning all five lessons there are to being a coach and taking a quiz after each one. Those are also taken all today. Notes in class are optional." I take my notebook and pen out of my bag and set them in front of me on the hard table made for two people I sit at alone,

"You will also be going through a few 'drills' we want all coaches teaching to their teams this season since each one of you is assigned to a U13-U14 select team. Meaning the top teams in this level, but you are each assigned to different city teams. In rare cases, small towns in the area." She places all papers and such in her laptop bag, "alright. Your all set then for basic information." She starts walking out of the room and then stops short, " I completely forgot to mention, all fifteen of you were specially selected for your skills in the game of soccer and passion for the game. You are each unique in some sort of way in this sport. So, congrats." She smiles and walks out.

The seat beside me opens up, "Rachel right?" The deep voice asks me. I look up at those stunning green eyes and nod at him. "Why the boys team? Just curious." He says shrugging and sitting down next to me.

"I don't know," lie, "Just wanted something different," lie.

He studies my face for a moment making me self conscience. I look away, "what ever you say." He says clearly not believing it, "don't hide your face from me."

His words caught me off guard, "what?"

"You heard me."

Yeah, loud and clear, but why? I ask myself.

"Because I like your face."

I said that out loud. Of coarse I did. Wait, did he just say he liked my face?

"Yes you said that aloud, and yes I said I like your face. It's hard not to stare," he said looking at me from the corner of his eye. I start fiddling with my thumbs in my lap and try hiding the little girl blush on my face.

"Alrighty. It's so nice to meet you my lovelies." An unfamiliar voice says from the front. I glance up from my lap and notice that the real instructor had finally decided to join us in this old high school library.

"Aren't you supposed to sit over there Benjamin?" I ask not taking my eyes off the man in front.

I can tell he's smiling, "It's Ben, Rach. And it's not like he cares where I sit."

"Rach?" I ask turning to him squinting my eyes.

This time he isn't looking at me, "hm?" He questions and finishes tying his shoes in a matter of seconds. I look at him in awe, "why the world are you looking at me like that?" He asks shaking his head at me.

I hide my embarrassment by shrugging, "no reason at all Benjamin."

"Don't tell me you can't tie your shoes."

"I didn't tell you that. That was just an assumption you made," I say trying to get past my minor problem with tying shoes.

"Something you chatter bugs would like to share?" I stare daggers at Ben trying signal him not to absolutely ruin my first day. He catches one glance at me and his eyes go wide.

"No, no of coarse not sir," Ben says and the bald man turns back to the board in the library.

"Good. My name is Layton. I was the one who selected each one of you and have the 'honor' of teaching you delinquencies the fundamentals of a soccer coach." He turns back to the board to jot something down.

I feel Ben lean over to my ear, "you have no idea how intimidating you look with that death glare of yours." He whispers in a husky tone. His hot breath on my ear makes the hairs on my arm stick up. "Oh, and I have that effect on all of the ladies," I rub the goosebumps off my arm that he saw and he starts to chuckle to himself.

His laugh is sexy. But I would never dare tell the arrogant boy sitting beside me that. His ego is big enough as it is. He leans back in the seat with a smug grin playing on his lips.

I huff and lean back in my seat crossing my arms. Curse attractive men and their ways of getting to me.

"As the woman before me said, notes are optional but highly encouraged." Layton speaks with quiet a high voice for a man his age. With that I open the notebook that I had laid out in front of me earlier.

Bens strong arm appears in front of my face and shuts it, "notes," he pauses making me glare at him with our faces just inches apart, "are optional." He finishes in a whisper so Layton doesn't hear.

I pucker my lips, "but highly encouraged." I reply with sass, "you should be taking notes Benjamin. It helps become a better coach on and off the field."

"Rach," I look back at him hearing my new nickname, "I can't get better, I'm already the best." He sends my a prize winning white teethed smile.

Ugh. Why am I such a sucker for perfect teeth.

"So arrogant," I huff and go back to taking my notes.


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