chapter 30

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Rosie pov:-

"How is he doing?", James asked the healer who was checking him.  I looked at unconscious Edward and then at the healer.

"The king Alpha is doing good, he will wake up in a day or two. A small amount of silver is still in his body which is making his recovery slow.", the healer said to James. James nodded his head and went towards the council members. The healer stood nervously fidgeting with his hands. I felt as if he wanted to something but couldn't say. I looked around the room, all the council members were discussing something with James. I looked at healer and he gave me a small nod through his eyes. I bit my lip and nodded back.

"Everyone please leave except for the healer", I told James, they stopped their conversation in mid and looked at me in confusion. They looked at me and the healer in confusion. They gave me nod and walked out of the chamber.

"Wha-....." The healer interrupted me by holding his finger to his lips. He looked around the room and went towards the door. He slowly locked it and went towards the window. He leaned his hand over and took something out. It looked like a small basket. He came towards me and gave me the basket.

I opened the basket and opened it there was a bottle filled with silver and blood. I felt a squeeze on my hand , I looked down at Edward in surprise as opened his one eye open.

"Edw-...", Before I could finish, his hand clamped on my mouth stopping me in mid. He sat up and gave a nod towards the healer which he returned back. I looked at them in confusion, the healer told that Edward would wake up in a day or two, not that I'm complaining but I'm confused.

The healer took a letter from his pocket and gave it to Edward and bowed at us and went away. After he left, I looked at Edward. He signed me to lock the door, I let a frustrated huff and walked towards the door and locked it not before peeking out to see James enquiring healer about something. I walked towards Edward and kept my hands on my hip and narrowed my eyes at him.

He just chuckled lowly and shook his head. He extended his hand towards me, I shook my head and stood my ground.

"Come here", his voice flowed in my mind.

"Shouldn't you be begging at my feet for forgiveness", he chuckled at my words and got up from the bed and walked towards me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and dipped his head to kiss me but I turned my head away just in time. His lips landed on my check.

"Do you lost your memory or what? Don't you remember what you did to me", I snapped at him in anger and tried to remove his arms but he tightened his hold.

"Close your eyes" he ordered me softly but I refused to listen to him. I turned my face away from his.

"Please", my eyes closed automatically hearing him plead. He wrapped his arms more tighter around me and leaned his head in the crook of my neck. Soon I felt dizziness and I fought to stay awake. I tried to open my eyes but couldn't. Just before I lost my conscious I heard Edward calling my name.


I groggy opened my eyes, I immediately closed my eyes because of the harsh sunlight. I blinked my eyes slowly adjusting to the sunlight. I sat up and looked around to find myself in the meadow. But this looked different from the one I was before. There was no tree or waterfall present here. I stood up and looked around searching for Edward but I didn't find him anywhere.

"Edward", I shouted his name but the only thing I heard back was the sound of the birds. There was no trees or something as a land mark here, it was like a empty place with only green grass and flowers present. I huffed and sat down on the same place. I placed my hand on my stomach and smiled when I felt the same warmth spreading on my stomach. At least I'm not alone.

"Well its true, your not alone", my head snapped towards the voice of my husband. He strode towards me with a smile grazing on his face. I turned my head away from him.

"I wasn't referring you", I crossed for hand on my stomach.

"I didn't say it was me, my wife", he chuckled and sat next to me. He removed my hand from my stomach and eyed my stomach before bringing his gaze back on me.

"Can I touch", he said nodding at my stomach. I gulped and shook my head in no and wrapped my hands back on my stomach. His extended hand fell back on his lap. I moved a little away from him.

"What happened to you Edward? It was two days before you told me to get rid of our baby and you almost forced your self on me and now your here, sitting as if all these things never happened", I screamed at him, my eyes brimmed with tears as I remembered the dreadful night. I swallowed my tears not wanting to show him how much weak I am.

"It was all an act ", I looked at him in confusion and disbelief. I waited for him to continue.

"I know you were pregnant before you knew, the morning when I found you on the tree I heard a heartbeat, our child's heartbeat. I confirmed about it when we came back with the healer. When he confirmed about it, I was so happy and in content. You can never understand how fortunate and blessed I felt hearing the news. You can never understand how much I wished for a family. You can never understand how much pain I felt when I said those words to you, when I hurt you but it has to be done. I had no other option other than hurt you. You know how much I wished to die than do the horrible things to you", he stopped as he took a deep breath before continuing. I felt my tears coming back hearing his words. I was confused at the same time happy that it was all an act.

"When we returned back that day, I mind linked the healer to confirm about your pregnancy. But he confirmed, he asked me to meet him regarding about an insider who is helping the witches. I went to meet him after you fell asleep. He told me that someone in the council is helping the witches. How he got to know is someone was mixing silver with the witches blood and they were injected to werewolf. Nobody can survive that because witches blood mixed with silver is hundred times powerful and painful. I wanted to check if that theory is true or not, that's why I acted as if I lost control to my wolf. I was injected with the same silver, with the sample we can find out who was that culprit", he finished, his hands were in fist and his jaw clutched in anger.

"Then how did you survive", I asked him. He frowned at me.

"Not that I'm complaining, I just wanted to know the truth. If it was hundred times painful and powerful than how come you survived?", I asked him. He chuckled and looked at me.

"Because I already have witches blood in me"


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