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Changbin came back in the room with Chan and they sat next to me. Chan took my arm and touched it causing me to flinch.
"why didn't you get out of the light right away?" he asked me, looking mad.
"there was lots of people there, if I left right away, they would become more suspicious" I said. He let out a small "hm" and looked at Soolyeon.
"You must be really confused right?" he said. She nodded and sat on the floor in front of us.
"I just want to know why we're in the dark and what happened to him" she said.
"well... You know how we're all vampires, right" chan hyung said.
"yeah yeah, I know" she answered.
"do you not know that vampires can't walk in the sun?" Chan asked. Since the room wasn't that dark, I still saw the expression on her face change.
"what? So how the fuck are you guys even wa-"
"listen, all 9 of us have something that protects us from the sun or light in general. In my case it's a ring, in Changbin's case, it's an earring and Jisung's case, it's a necklace. If said item is taken away, we can burn and die because of the light" he said.
"what the fuck... So you mean to tell me that, the only thing that's protecting Jisung from staying alive, is that necklace that Mark stole???"
"I don't know how I'm supposed to get home" I said. What can I possibly do that will help me NOT die.
"I'll give you my earring, and you'll go home" Changbin said beside me.
"what?" I said
"what?" Chan hyung said right after.
"I feel bad for you... I don't want you to stay here.. " he said.
"... Hyung... Just because you got me suspended doesn't mean I want you to fucking suffer. The fuck are you going to do here while I'm at home knowing I have, your earring and your freedom?" I asked him. The fact that he wants me to take HIS earning that protects him from the LIGHT, go home with it and leave him here... Really means he cares about me... I don't hate him. I never did.... I just get really mad sometimes.
"keep your earring... I don't want it" I said.
"(sigh).... "
"so what are we supposed to do?" Soolyeon asked. I didn't know the answer to that..
End of Jisung's POV
"... Find Mark and take back the necklace" Chan said.
"... Ok..... But wait....? How does Mark know about the necklace? I mean, no human would just steal something from someone and say shit like "enjoy your life without this" without knowing.... What you are" she said.
"that's because Mark's a vampire" Chan said looking down.
"wait, what?" soolyeon asked confused. The bell suddenly rang and the three of them looked at Jisung.
"I'll tell you after. You guys have class, it's fine. I'll be okay" he said with a small smile.
"You sure?" Soolyeon asked.
"positive" he said. Chan nodded towards Changbin and they all got up.
Soolyeon was the first to exit and then followed by Chan. As soon as Chan exited, Changbin closed the door and locked it.
"what are you doing? You can go, you have class" Jisung said, confused at Changbin's actions.
"I'm not going to leave you here all alone, Jisung. " Changbin said sitting next to him.
"You really don't care about school, do you?" Jisung asked.
"I only care about 2 things, my friends (skz) and you " He answered looking down. Jisung didn't know what to say. He looked at the elder and smiled.
"I care about you too" he said.
"jisung... I really didn't mean for you to get suspended. I just didn't want to get a suspension. Considering all the amount of shit I've done over that past year, they would've suspended me for good. But I really didn't know they would do that, I thought they would just give you a warning." he said, resting his head on the wall.
"hyung, you do realize that I have the same amount of warnings as you, right? Well, at least now I do.. Everytime you got in trouble, I was always there. We always got into shit together, I just didn't think you'd... Make m-" Jisung didn't even get to finish his sentence since Changbin pulled him into an unexpected hug.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Changbin said.
"ah, hyung, let go of me, I forgive you just... Let go of meeee I have a girlfriend" Jisung said laughing.
"pfft, relax " Changbin said releasing his best friend. Jisung suddenly grabbed hold of his stomach and let out a small groan.
"what's wrong?" Changbin asked, his mood changing automatically.
"nothing.. I'm fine" Jisung lied.
"Jisung, how did you end up falling when Mark punched you...?" Changbin asked, concerned. Jisung let out a small groan, barely audible to Changbin and he turned away.
"oh... I um... Tripped " he said
"tripped on what? There's was literally nothing or no one behind you. Seriously, what happened?" Changbin asked again.
"...... I can't tell you..... " he said
"Jisung, you can tell me anything. If you don't want me to tell anyone, I won't, just please tell me."
"... You.... Won't be able to.... See... It but... Mark put... Three pieces of wood in my stomach.... When he punched me" Jisung said.
"WHAT THE FUCK?? Why didn't you tell me sooner???" Changbin said.
"I... Don't know... All I know is that it hurts like hell" Jisung said, almost on the verge of crying.
"lie down" Changbin said.
"what? What kind of gay thing are you planning?" Jisung asked confused.
"calm down, you ass, I'm trying to help you remove the pieces of wood from your stomach before you fucking die, now lie down" Changbin said again.
"creepy bitch" jisung mumbled laying down. Changbin just rolled his eyes.
"give me your hand" Jisung said. Changbin stretched out his arm and let Jisung take his hand. Since they were in the dark, Jisung directed Changbin's hand over each piece of wood in his stomach.
"this one might hurt" Changbin said before pulling it out.
"FUCK" Jisung yelled in pain.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry " Changbin apologized multiple times.
"it's fine.. Just take out the last two... Please"
"here goes nothing " Changbin said pulling out another one.
"SHIT. So this is what it feels like whenever Chan did this to you " Jisung said. Changbin often got into fights similar to Jisung's situation and Chan had to do the same thing to him. Jisung just never knew how painful it was.
"... Last one " Changbin said pulling the last one out.
"OMG, THAT ONE HURT MORE THAN ANYTHING, FUCK " Jisung yelled again. His wounds quickly healed up and he sat up.
"sorry this happened to you" Changbin said, feeling bad.
"ah... It's fine " Jisung said sitting back up.
"(sigh)... How am I supposed to get home? I might as well just stay here forever. "
"ey, don't say that, I'll find Mark, don't worry" Changbin said.
"(sigh).... Okay"

The bell rang and Changbin got up
"I'll be back, okay?" he said before exiting the room. Jisung let out a loud sigh and just stayed in the corner of the room.
"why does this shit have to happen to me?" he said. The door suddenly opened revealing a stressed Soolyeon.
"I'm right here " I said softly. She closed the door and sat in front of me.
Soolyeon's POV
"... A-are you o-okay?" I asked, stuttering. I just feel so bad for him. He's in this situation that I don't fully understand. I couldn't really see his face but I saw his arm on his stomach.
"what happened? Why are you holding your stomach?" I restrained so hard to not touch him incase anything still hurt.
"Mark... Stabbed me with three pieces of wood when he punched me, but I'm fine now. The wounds healed up. " he said sitting up straight. I caught a glimpse of his face. He was staring at me with a small smile. He then turned to look on the side. I felt so bad for him. I didn't answer for a while and he noticed.
"Soolyeon, why are you sitting all the way over there?" he asked.
"I don't want to hurt you " I said.
"look, you can never hurt me. I've suffered a lot already there's no possible way you could hurt me " he said.. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I didn't make a sound and just sat next to him.
"I'm sorry " I said, resting my head on his shoulder.
"sorry for....? "
"I'm sorry Mark did this to you" I said. I felt a tear escape my eye... Why do I cry for these things? It's so weird. He didn't say anything and just hugged me with the arm I was resting my head on. My head was resting on his chest and I cried lightly.
"You don't have to cry, Soolyeon, I'll be fine" he said very softly.

The door opened and Changbin walked through. He was holding something.
"Jisung... I got it back... " Changbin said closing the door. Jisung bolted from under me causing me to fall. I didn't really care at this point in time.
"YOU DID?" he said. Changbin revealed the same necklace that was stolen and put it around Jisung's neck.
"I did"
I saw Jisung open the door and face the light. He then turned on the lights and smiled.
"thank you, hyung" he said hugging Changbin. God, he's adorable. He came towards me and helped me get up.
"sorry" he said slightly laughing.
"it's okay" I said
"let's go eat" Changbin said while me and Jisung followed.

Okay.... So.... Was this any good? Meh, the next chapter will be better (I hope) but I'll publish next week because I need to make more drafts to have them ready, you know?
Hoped you enjoyed part 17 :)

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