The Plan Going to Shit

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I had surprise and a running start on my side. I mean, what more can a person ask when attacking somebody. It was the perfect opportunity; his eyes were trained on me but were unseeing to the way that my body started to lean forward and my hands balled into fist. He probably didn't expect an attack, much less one from a woman.

I sprung forward, my small body cutting up the space between us in seconds. The next part was the hardest. He was a lot taller than I. My 5'2'' frame launched through the air, my short arms outstretched, and my face set in a determined scowl.

Our bodies slammed together with more force than I was expecting, but I was quick to recover and grab the shirt I had thrown at him just moments before. His hands naturally went to my waist, but I could see the surprise of my assault reflect on his face. His eyes were dark with a new anger and his lips firm. I felt a small sliver of satisfaction.

My body sat right on his stomach, my thighs snug around his abdomen as I squeezed them, using them to cage him in to the best of my ability.

I leaned down, putting my face close to his, "Read my lips, I will never, never, wear that uniform." He opened his mouth to talk but at that moment I took my shirt that was in my hand and stuffed it into his face, effectively cutting him off. "No, you don't get to speak. You have done nothing but treat me poorly since I came here. First you drag be into this forsaken house, then you tie me to a chair, and then you try to sweep me under the rug."

I lifted the shirt and he gulped in greedy breaths of air. He tried to talk again but I shoved the shirt back into his face. His hands left my waist and moved to grip my wrists. The small sadistic part of me was jumping up and down with our victory.

"I need to get home, you know, back to my time. 2018. That's the year I need to be in." I looked around at the antique furnishings the room was filled with. It was all elegant, but it wasn't home, "2018, not 1767."I repeated as I continued to look at the evidence of my time hop that was started to feel like a cage. The hardwood floors, the hand-carved bed frame, the painted portrait hanging on the creamy wall, the crown molding that leant sophistication to the room, and the candles that were scattered about.

In that moment, as my eyes scanned my surroundings, I realized that I was a long way from home, a distance so vast that I couldn't just hop on a plane and cross it. I was literally in a different time.

Oh, how I wish I was talking about a different time zone. But no, I was talking about a couple centuries. How was I supposed to find my way home when I didn't even know how I got here? I suddenly felt small.

I was lost, just like I had been most of my life.

As my mind wandered I didn't notice my body slacking, lowering its defenses. I gave my victim the perfect opportunity to flip our positions.

In a single fluid motion I was no longer on top, I was no longer in charge; I found myself at his mercy as he pinned my arms above my head with a single hand.

"You will wear that uniform because it's the only option you have." I squirmed under his uncomfortable weight. I felt like I was slowly being crushed, a feeling that is not pleasant in the slightest.

He waged a finger in front of my nose. His eyes contained a raging war. I don't know what he was battling but I could see as one side lost as his eyes darkened to an endless inky darkness. He looked wild as his hands tightened and he yanked me to my feet.

"You will put this uniform on or I'll call the authorities and report a robbery." His voice hissed out between his teeth.

I met his glare head on with one of my own. I was not backing down. I straightened my back and squared my shoulders, I was almost a foot shorter than him, but I could feel the confidence building within me.

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