Sneak Peak!!!

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So recently on Wattpad LucyScarlet24 and I have been briefly mentioning a secret story in some of our conversations in the comments section.

It wasn't a story I put on the voting chapter in the ErLu one-shots, but it's a story I have been working on for a while. I'm not putting out it's full details yet, but the reason I didn't put it on the voting is because I was fully confident that it would win.

I am going to finish writing the story on paper and once it's completed I will update that story once a week, there will be lots of chapters. I'm not even close to finishing and I've already written past chapter 20. But, I will be posting the story starting now on!

The story will be definitely be longer than this one and written way better (hopefully), there will also be some drawings made by LucyScarlet24 and myself in the stories. Most of the drawings, though, will be pictures made by other people that we found on the internet and edited to fit the story.

I am giving credit now and saying that the ones that look like they are drawn on paper and have our names on them are ours and completely drawn ourselves😂.

Anyways, the reason I am here writing this instead of updating the story... I am going to give you guys a sneak peak of the new story!


After the first day of the trial, when everyone was asleep. Lucy finally broke down, she cried and whimpered, she felt anger and sadness flare up in her.

‘Flare and Raven Tail’ Lucy bitterly thought, a demonic growl erupted from her throat. She punched the wall angrily, her hand went thru the wall. She heard a groan, it was Erza, her eyes widened and she ran out of the Inn. Erza lazily rose from the bed, she rubbed her eyes and looked towards Lucy’s bed.

“Lucy?” she called out, she made her way to the blonde’s bed and saw the hole next to the bed. Erza sighed, the redhead then requipped into some warm clothes to find the blonde.


Lucy was running around town, trying to keep the demon away. More tears ran down her face, she stopped pushing the demon down. She transformed and roared, Lucy ran around town at lightning speed. She jumped from the ground and landed on a rooftop, the girl hopped from rooftop to rooftop.

Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her. As she was running, she turned her head and saw Erza chasing her in her flight armor. Even more tears ran down her face and she ran even faster, she jumped off the last rooftop and crashed to the ground. She kept running as tears streamed from her eyes, she looked around with her sharp eyes and didn’t see that nosey redhead.

There was a mountain range near Crocus, Lucy ran to it. She desperately needed to release her anger, and she knew that if she stayed in the city much longer then Fairy Tail would be paying a lot of repair bills that they couldn’t currently pay for. She made it to the mountains and roared, Lucy hurriedly climbed the mountains.

Anger flowed thru her every vein, her blood boiled. Any tear that landed on her face turned to steam, her hair rose up. Her claws grew longer and her teeth sharper, red-orange magic energy flared around her in the shape of a fox. Every step she took created cracks in the ground, when she finally made it to the top of the mountain, she stood there taking in the view.

She growled and her magic energy kept increasing, she childishly stomped her foot and a crater formed in the top of the mountain. Thoughts flew through her brain, those thoughts brought memories to Lucy’s brain. Memories which made Lucy get even more upset.

Erza and Jellal kissing, Raven Tail, her battle with Flare, disappointing Fairy Tail, her brother, the demon, the S-Class trials, Zeref, Acnologia, her father, her dead parents, Erza calling her a monster, and most importantly her break-up. The last memory made more tears flow, they instantly turned to steam.

Glowing eyes shining in the darkness.


That's all for now, the story is in the works at the moment. I'll see you guys in the next chapter!😁

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