Chapter 23

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Edward's POV:

I wat to be with MayMay so bad but Marco and Kisses are right, MayMay wouldn't want to see me right now. I told the guys already that MayMay doesn't wanna be my fake girlfriend anymore, the truth is, I also don't want MayMay to be my fake girlfriend too, because I want her to be my real girlfriend. I love MayMay, I need her. She's my strength, but also my weakness. I love her more than I ever loved Heaven, Heaven never even loved men I never should have asked her to be my girlfriend. Though now I know that MayMay loves me too, and it makes me smile thinking about it, but now I really don't know anymore, she's mad at me.

"Huyyy Edward, okay ka lang bro?" I heard Ronnie ask and I shook he thoughts out of my head and looked at him.

"Huh? Yah I'm fine." I said and Ronnie and Bailey just looked at each other.

"Dude, huwag ka na magmaangmaangan, we both know that you're not okay." Bailey said and I just sighed

"Fine, no, I'm not okay, I miss MayMay so much, I just wish that I could talk to her an explain everything." I said

"Don't worry dude, you'll get her soon, just keep fighting for her, we know naman how much you love MayMay." Ronnie said

"Bahala na, I'll get her back, she'll be my girl, I can't lose her." I said and they just agreed with me

"Just don't give up dude." Bailey said and I nodded my head.

MayMay's POV:

Me, Marco, and Kisses watched movies all day long and by night time Mama came home and cooked dinner for us. After we ate we went back up and talked about some stuff. Then I remembered, Paulo, so I looked at Kisses and Marco.

"Guys" I said and they looked at me

"Yeh?" Kisses asked

"Do you remember the night that you guys went looking for me because I wasn't in the house and then you guys called Edward and then I came home in a hoodie and leggings?" I asked them and they looked at each other and then at me.

"Umm yah, why?" Marco asked

"The reason I was wearing my hood was because I was full of bruises, I was beat up by Paulo's friends, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, I wanted to help Edward so bad, he told me to stop the fake relationship with Edward because it was making Heaven jealous, and that's what me and Edward want, we want her to be jealous so she would go back to Edward. I didn't agree of course, and he told me to meet hm that night at 7:00pm in school so I did and that's where I was beat up by his friends that were girls, I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys sooner, I just really wanted to help Edward be happy." I said and their eyes went wide as saucers

"Ate May, why didn't you tell us?! You could have died!" Marco exclaimed and I just looked at them

"I'm sorry I just really wanted to help Edward." I said and they both looked at each other

"Ate May, we don't want to lose you, you could have died, you shouldn't have agreed to that." Kisses said

"I didn't know that I was gonna get hurt." I said and looked down

"Just please Ate May, don't ever agree to anything like that ever again." Marco said and I nodded my head and she just smiled at me and nodded her head, we talked for a while and then thy decided to leave because we still had school tomorrow. Even though tomorrow is Friday, mama forced me to go to school, because she said that she will pay me 200 pesos, and I need the money, I'm broke. I got my stuff ready for tomorrow and then went to the bathroom to change clothes and then I freshened up a bit and then went to bed, I prayed then went to sleep.

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