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Y/n P.O.V

Katie: Rocky...Colleen...what are you two doing here?

Colleen: ask your brother that

Rocky: I just want to check on my little baby sister, you know...

Rocky then looks at me

Rocky: just in any funny business with you

Thomas: and what makes you think that?

Rocky: Shut up Thomas!

Hannah: well...since you you want to join us?

Katie: Hannah...what are you-

Rocky: sure, we could join

Rocky and Colleen comes and sit between me and Katie

Jackson: so...who is next to tell a story

Nobody answer

Jackson: well...I guess we should go to bed...we have a bright day tomorrow

Victor: Jackson right, we got a lot stuff to do...let's get to bed

All of us went upstairs and was ready to go to bed then Luke notice Rocky and Colleen weren't coming and was instead going back outside

Luke: I wonder where their going?

Luke follows them

Molly: hey...where Luke?

Dan: he went outside

Y/n: why?

Dan: idea....

Y/n: well...goodnight everyone

All of them: goodnight Y/n

We all turn off the light and went shut eye

In the woods

Rocky: everything set?

Colleen: yeah, I think so...

Rocky: you...think so?

Colleen: Positive

Rocky: oh good...

Rocky looks up at the mask that was in the tree

Rocky: crap...I forgot to bring one of my masks from the car

Colleen: we can still scare them

Rocky: but the mask I'm missing was the ghost mask...and it's the scariest one

Colleen: so...what do you want us to do?

Rocky then looks at Colleen

Rocky: it ok if you can go to our car and check for the mask

Colleen: are you your mask

Then Rocky just covers his ears and doesn't listen to Colleen


Colleen storms away

Rocky: ....she's needs to chill

With Colleen

Colleen: I can't believe that jerk is making go on foot to the car...sometimes I think I'm dating the wrong man

Colleen reaches to the car

Colleen: well...I made I need to get the stupid mask that my stupid boyfriend wants

Colleen goes to the car window and notice someone else is in there

Colleen: what the hell?

Colleen bangs the window to try and talk to that.

Colleen: hello...HELLO!

The person didn't respond

Colleen: that's it, I'm getting Rocky!

Colleen was about to go back to Rocky but then...

Jackie: I don't think so girl...

Colleen was shocked and saw a huge woman with a big knife in her hands


Jackie: goodbye

Colleen screams until Jackie stabs her forehand and she dies

(Colleen's Death)

Jackie: bitch down....ten to go

In The Morning

Dan was waking up

Dan: hey Y/n...can you shut the windows...the sun is hurting my eyes

But the Windows wasn't shut

Dan: Y/n...please shut the window

The window still didn't shut so Dan opens his eyes and gets up and notice Y/n wasn't in the room

Dan: Y/n?

Dan then looks at the window and notices a broken window

Dan: holy...crap...

Continues in Next Chapter.....

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