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Inspired by your Dog on the Log in the Bog short story.

         In the train, there is a farmer whose terrain wasn't growing any grain and it cause her great pain that soon it will slain her only financial gain so she hope to meet up with her swain in Maine.
         Across where the farmer sat, is a coxswain who showed disdain to the captain that he must been mad in brain for not knowing the color of a pearmain as the latter didn't know enough to explain his colorblindness.
        The farmer wasn't very entertain after overhearing what the conversation had contain so she scratch on her plain dress made out of marocain to get rid of the fusain stain.
        Suddenly the whole cart went amain and out of surprisement, she feel her blood drain. As it regain balance someone complain that with that speed anyone could be lain. The conductor strain in vain to maintain the noisy passengers. But alas, they could not be constrain, they refuse to refrain from their words.
        Shortly, it arrives at the station. No one remain inside. Quickly, the sky starts to rain as people run for shelter. In the midst of the ordain, the farmer is fain when she finds her lover. She attain a plantain from him and listens when he recites cinquain to her of which he wrote with a fountain pen.

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