Chapter 2: July 28, 2016

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New chapter! Yay! Sorry it took me forever to upload it... my internet has been down fo a few weeks now therefore, I can't upload any stories :( Hopefully it will come on soon! (Obviously I am not using my normal internet at the moment xP ) Anyway though... enjoy this chapter! Please tell me if you like it or hate it. I want to know what my readers think! So - COMMENT! VOTE! FAN! Don't be afaid! :P

“ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jessica screamed into the phone.

“WHOA! I think I’m deaf now. What’s up?” Erin replied calmly.

“YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT MY DAD GOT ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY!” Jessica exclaimed into the phone again.

“What?” Erin asked anxiously.


“OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!!!! That’s the coolest birthday present ever!!!!” Erin screamed back, barely able to contain her bubbling excitement. 

“I know!!!! So get your butt over here so we can get ready for the best night of our lives!!” Jessica stated.

So after an hour of getting ready for one of their best nights yet, the two girls were on their way to the concert. “I can’t believe we get to see our old friends again!” Erin said.

“I know! I can’t believe they are famous. I wonder if they’ll remember us.” Jessica pondered.

“I always believed in them.” Erin sighed happily.

“Oh shut up Erin.” Jess simply stated.

Two hours later, after the most amazing concert of their lives, was over, Erin and Jessica were anxiously walking backstage tickets in hand. “This is it.” Jess said eagerly.

“I know! Harry turned out SO HOT!” Erin fan-girled.

“Hey, I need to go use the loo, be right back.” Jess said, but Erin paid no attention because her eyes were fixed on an adorable puppy she was raving over.

With Jessica….

Jess was rushing all over the building looking for a bathroom when she rammed right into someone. She heard an Irish accent say, “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! Are you OK?” She looked up to see a sweaty blond bloke, staring down at her.

“Oh yeah, I’m good. Hakuna Matata.” She replied, as he held out his hand to help her get up. She didn’t get a good look at who he was until she was eye-to-eye with him and she realized it was Niall Horan himself.

“Hakuna Matata? Really?” Niall laughed.

“Sorry, just a habit.” Niall laughed before responding, “You know, you kind of remind me of someone.”

“I think I know who. Do you remember Crimson High?”

“Oh my gosh, yes! ... Jessica?”

“In the flesh, Horan.”

Niall began to laugh as he collected her in his arms for a hug. “Oh my goodness, it’s been ages!”

“Seriously! I can’t believe you didn’t keep in touch!” Jess said, acting a bit hurt. 

“I honestly tried, but with all the tours and meet and greets, it’s been hectic.”

Jess laughed before replying cheekily, “Whatever.”

“So, what are you doing here?”

“Birthday prezzie from my dad.”

“Cool…oh wait! It’s your birthday today?!”

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